Starting out in late 2006, Forever New is a clothing and accessories brand that actually trades in more than seven countries and has almost 250 stores. This brand is one of the fastest-growing Australian fashion houses that is all about fashion and style and keeping up. 

The brand is known to celebrate femininity and the style of womanhood with every collection it launches. You can always find the signature styles by the brand ensuring the creativity promised by the creators here. 

Most of the time we see apparel brands repeating styles but here you get to see some amazing pop culture references. Designs and styles inspired by art, film, and theatre, and also some haute couture can be inspiring for a brand next door. 

From dresses to flares to your normal tees you get a full package when you visit Forever New. The creative teams here collaborate to create unique and catchy designs by offering the consumers harmonious collections. 

The entire line is presented in a well-respected manner along with a comfortable store environment ensuring that you get a great shopping experience. The brand has also been mainstream for a while since there have been many models who graced the covers and endorsed it with different features. 

These models were there to set an example of how important it is to cater to natural feminine beauty. Along with the mainstream celebs, you would also find this brand encouraging new talent to showcase the impeccable collections every season. 

15 years ago Dipendra Goenka founded the brand in Melbourne Australia and had huge support from the UK brand, the famous New Look by Tom Singh. Forever New is considered to be a portable brand and has been a supplier of many brands like New Look, Mango, Zara, and many more. 

Forever New is not your usual vertically integrated brand but it actually does the manufacturing and sourcing part from China and other countries of Southeast Asia. Even though the suppliers for the brand are from around the globe still there is no compromise on quality. 

You would see a lot of different styles and the different regions’ manufacturing processes having an impact on how the collections can be. According to creative minds here, this caters to a large audience without running out of stock at all. 

Every new collection drops quickly so we can say that it is kind of a fast-fashion pattern but the quality remains intact. 

Is Forever New A Luxury Brand?

No, it is not since catering to a big lot of consumers should be supported by having reasonable prices. 

You can definitely shop on a budget here and get the perfect attire you desire. Since the pattern of marketing and advertising is of a fast-fashion brand, but don’t you worry about that because quality is promised here. 

What Age Group Is Forever New For?

The brand mostly caters to young and middle-aged audiences. So if you want to swing by with your friends or daughters, you won’t have a problem shopping here for all. 

Is Forever New A New Brand?

Relatively and as compared to the market out there, it has been fifteen years and it is making business like a pro. 

It is certainly new as compared to other brands like Forever 21 and all. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Forever New?

The talented team of 25 designers here really sticks to the uniqueness and diversity of the brand. The experience of these designers and focus on quality really makes it possible for this brand to stay relevant even now. 

With the global growth of the brand, the owner makes sure to deliver the trendiest of styles that are urban and chic. 

According to the reviews on the internet, the quality of the clothing is not horrible but is not something that would make you the happiest person ever. But the fact that you can find a perfect dress and skirt all in one place and that too at an affordable price is not a bad deal at all. 

Most of the time people buying from fast fashion brands like Forever New want to look trendy but on a budget. If you are a fashion fanatic you would understand that the kind of looks we all love are expensive if you look at high-end luxury brands

Forever New fixes this issue for you. You can find the perfect fit, almost, and still, get the look you saw in your vogue magazine.

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