Do you know what never gets old? Shopping and the excitement you feel after buying your favorite dress or skirt from wherever you like.

If you are a true clothes and accessories fanatic you don’t really discriminate when it comes to the status of the store you are buying from. 

Forever 21 is an old name in the game and there’s no way that you haven’t heard of it. There are so many shows and movies that even refer to the brand as a joke or a cultural phenomenon. 

While shopping we all look for convenience, trendy outfits, and sometimes something that is one of a kind. Well, Forever 21 does give you style and comfort and not to mention convenience all in one place. 

Forever 21 is described as a fast-fashion brand which means that it drops a collection of clothing like a drop of a hat. You get the best in style clothes that not only replicate the high-end brand’s styles and also what the public wants. 

The accessible price point is a winner when you visit Forever 21. There might be some exclusive lines but the majority is something that everyone can shop from. 

Minimal style has always been a winner among young people. Whether you are putting together a look or buying a dress you need to make sure that you are buying quality. 

You get blazers, shirts, skirts, a-line dresses, summer looks, sweaters, and much more that can last for more than a season. It is almost like Forever 21 has become one of the necessities of life from where no matter how much you want to divert yourself, you always end up there. 

The young and youthful aesthetic of this brand is the main catch. Even though the brand is categorized as a fast fashion one, this sometimes definitely works well for the sake of it. 

People have the excitement levels up whenever there’s a new launch of accessories or clothing here. The anticipation levels are always met with a huge variety of clothing for young people and the quality stitch is tagged along as well. 

It is quite a popular brand in the United States and most parts of the world do know about the brand as well. Other than the stores the brand already has there are other retailers that sell the products by it all over the world. 

So not much of a surprise if you hear about the brand in comic flick movies and that too of it is a teen film. And the fact you enter the store every time to some new styles that aren’t of tacky colors too is definitely a treat here. 

Is Forever 21 A Luxury Brand?

Even though Forever 21 is the neighborhood brand that we all know is affordable and makes quality clothing, some clothes might surprise you. The brand sources the raw material from around the world and hence the prices do differ for some clothing items. 

Infamously the affordable retailer has these winter coats that are not like your typical low-priced winter coats. Secondly, they start from 80 dollars and easily go up to 150 dollars. 

These coats come in different colors and sizes so you know that you have a variety to choose from. With the long oversized shape and posh faux fur, you can definitely tell that this item would be pricey. 

So if you like some big coats that resemble a lot like anime characters’ clothing and have this teddy look to them, then you would fall in love instantly. 

Another expensive item here that you would adore too is made from faux leather. It is not pure leather but more of a combination material that does justice to look like good quality leather. 

The skirts and some skirt sets that have some cute crop tops with them, have a price range starting from 60 dollars. So in comparison to the items for casual wear you see around here at Forever 21, these specific prices are definitely high. 

But these prices still are nothing in comparison to Gucci or Dior selection in the market. So you are definitely better off spending money at Forever 21 if you’re sticking to a budget.

Is Forever 21 A Designer Brand?

The brand does claim to have an original design but the internet and the people who are against it think very differently. 

Forever 21 is notorious for stealing designs from mainstream brands and also independent designers. The brand has denied all these accusations obviously but not many people buy that. 

What Age Group Is Forever 21 For?

Well, it does say it in the name. But other than the brand name, the target audience of this brand is young people. 

You would see young teenagers and people in their mid-30s shopping at Forever 21. The kind of fresh and cool type of clothing does indicate people who are young and like to add colors and different quirky designs to their wardrobe. 

Why Is Forever 21 Unethical?

For many reasons, for starters, it plagiarized the work of other designers which is definitely not a good look for a fashion brand that wants to keep a good customer base. 

Secondly, there are no certain measures and indications that where exactly the material is sourced and most importantly how. Information about fair trade practices and green protection is not very clear on the website. 

It doesn’t really bother people to visit the next door Forever 21 outlet to do seasonal shopping for clothes. But we do need to be mindful of our purchases to make sure that sustainable goals are being met for a better future. 

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