Online shopping has made our lives so much easier.

With just one click, you can buy the product you like and it gets delivered to your doorstep, But with these perks come some disadvantages.

Did you know, that the United States alone has over 2.1 million online retailers?

With so many websites claiming to sell legitimate products, it is hard to decipher who is telling the truth and who isn’t.

One most common scams are clothing websites, ripping off buyers’ money by showing pictures of high-end clothes and shipping poor-quality copies. Some buyers don’t even get their packages.

With summer in full swing, women are searching for the perfect swimwear for their beach trips.

List of Swimwear Manufacturers

Flax has caught the attention of a lot of ladies for selling cute swimwear at low prices. 

One thing is keeping them from ordering from the website- Is Flax swimwear legit?


FlaxMaker functions online and does not have any retail stores anywhere around the world.

The brand’s website has an “Our Story” section claiming that Flax Maker was launched in 2018 with an aim to make trendy beachwear available to all women. 

Flax Maker further claims that it has Head quarters in Shenzhen, China, where a team of highly committed designers comes up with new styles and ideas. 

The brand launches over one hundred trendy articles every week so that its customers get everything from sexy two-pieces to cute beach cover-ups.

Flax Maker is actively selling its products in over 130 countries such as the United States, Canada, Egypt, Columbia, Bangladesh, and even Afghanistan.

Going through the brand’s latest releases, we discovered that they sell clothes at relatively low rates. One can buy a swimsuit from Flax Maker for as low as USD 20.

The highest-priced item was a Flaxmaker One Shoulder Ruffle Light Purple Ruffle Floral Printed One Piece Swimsuits and Sarong worth USD 89.

Despite being one of the latest pieces, it was on sale. 

Apart from sales, the brand offers further discounts with promo codes. You can get a discount of ten dollars for orders above USD 109 and so on. 

List of Swimwear Manufacturers


The brand has separate sections explaining its return and shipping policies. First, let’s take a look at the brand’s shipping policy.

Flax Maker urges its customers to provide their correct phone numbers and the proper address to ensure timely delivery.

It clearly states that once the order is out of the warehouse, Flax Maker does not have any responsibility for the shipping time.

The brand further states that if you miss your delivered order, you will be contacted on your phone number to discuss the reshipment procedure. To read further about the shipping policy, click here.

In our opinion, it is a positive point that the brand has jotted down all about its shipping process and policies. 

It further allows its customers to contact them through email if they do not get any information regarding their order in 20 days.

You will also find a phone number to contact customer service and the brand’s office address on the same page. 

Although the phone number is legit, we did not find any pinpoint location of the office when we searched for the address online. 

The return policy clearly states that if you don’t receive the order, it will be destroyed, and Flax Maker will not return the payment for such orders. 

In case, the buyer isn’t satisfied with the product, they have to send it back to China or their own shipping cost. 

The money will be credited to your PayPal or bank account as soon as the product is received. 

But does the brand stay true to its words? That can only be discovered through the reviews of their customers.


Our research revealed that Flax Maker uses a tool that allows it to control the reviews posted on its website.

This means the website owner can delete, hide, or lower the position of bad reviews.

Due to this reason, the reviews posted on Flax Maker’s website are invalid to us, and we have gone through other websites to collect them.

One Flax Maker buyer posted that the swimwear she received did not look like the one she had ordered online.

She revealed that although it looked similar, it was not the exact pattern.

Another buyer had the same problem. She wrote that the product is very disappointing and does not resemble the pictures on the website.

Flax Maker’s quality is also questionable with a lot of buyers complaining about the size being too big or small, tops with defective clasps and cheap fabric.

The brand does not have good reviews regarding its shipping and returns service either.

One buyer claimed she had placed an order worth over $200 several months ago but hasn’t received it. She further complained about the customer service not being cooperative.

Another verified buyer on “Judge. me” claimed that first Flaxmaker sent her the wrong suit, and then their customer service started making excuses. It’s been months, but she hasn’t received a refund.


After a lot of digging, we conclude Flax Maker is not worth your money. 

The brand claims to have a functional website from 2018 which makes it 3.5 years old, but in reality, the brand was created 1 year ago. 

Flax Maker also claims that its designers come up with new prints and patterns, but unfortunately, the brand sells copies of Latin brands. 

This explains why so many buyers have received clothes that are not what they had ordered.

The Scam Advisor has given the brand a trust score of 35 out of 100, which is another reason why you should try to avoid shopping from them.

In short, Flax Maker is a copycat Chinese brand that sometimes does not deliver the products for months and has poor customer service. 

But since some people have posted positive reviews about its swimwear, we can not call it a scam website.


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