Getting a favorite handbag is no easy job at all when you are looking for the perfect match for your outfit and something that can really be best for the street.

Fiorelli is a women’s handbag and purses brand that specializes in making the best and uniquely designed bags for your daily wear. 

This brand has been popular among the ladies for years now for being practical and not to mention street smart as well. The designs here really give you that high street fashion looks that you have always wanted. 

Initially, the brand did not really gain much attention from the required audience. Like everything needs a boost, so Fiorelli got it when the company Oroton acquired the creative control and charge of the brand. 

From casual purses to big handbags, you can get anything that would not only compliment your style but also has a very good build and quality. You can always get the best designs here that can really help you with your handbag collection. 

Is Fiorelli A Luxury Brand?

No, Fiorelli is not a luxury brand for that matter. But if you are thinking of getting a bag from here that looks like a luxury one, you are at the right place. Having luxury bags or anything for that matter can really break your bank account if not your luxury bag. 

Bags like Dior and Balenciaga can cost you a fortune. Not to mention that these bags would look great but you really don’t want to do that if you have other affordable options. 

Bags at Fiorelli are known for their good quality and good designs that have a modern and luxury touch to them. You can definitely find something that looks like Dior or Prada because if you do you can just grab that instead of going for the original brand. 

Not just the design the bags are also practical to have. You can find them in different sizes that can help you not only with your small belongings but also to carry something heavy on a daily basis. 

These bags are available in different sizes and colors and can be found in imitation of leather fabric as well. Faux leather can go a long way too if taken care of on a daily basis. 

The brand also has a costume collection that is also known to have a good quality to them. The production cost that the brand spends is supposedly more but the materials used are imitation ones.  

Does Fiorelli Have Real Leather Bags?

The brand later on decided to introduce a leather collection of bags. The best part of the launch was that it happened with the brand’s birthday around the corner so that was the perfect surprise for the brand lovers as well. 

The collection started off with the bag called Marla which is not only practical looking but also stylish. The bags have different types of designs and textures like for this Marla bag you can tell it has a crocodile leather intimation to it. 

The leather is definitely of good quality and original. These are available in different colors and sizes that don’t only look luxurious but also can come in handy from time to time. 

You can always find the perfect fit but looking for a perfect bag doesn’t have to be so hard. With brands like Fiorelli, it is now possible to own luxury bags without affecting your wallet or life for that matter. 

You can always tell if a bag is practical enough if you can take it out on a daily basis and just use it according to your liking. 

But we do suggest going for original leather and checking if the leather is original or not. When you are shopping for original leather bags, such bags have uneven cuts on the hem of them. The stitching also looks put together like it is hand-stitched. The original leather finish also feels like suede and not something that is plasticky. 

So if you are out shopping for another bag that should meet your needs and look smart as well, Fiorelli is a great value for money and the style you’ve been looking for all along. Putting your money that looks like luxury and doesn’t have to have the price of it is definitely a deal-breaker for us and should be for you as well. 

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