Eyeliner is one of the most important makeup steps and products one can have to elevate the entire look. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a marker thing you can manoeuvre your eyeshadows to make one and so goes on the techniques for it. 

When you are out on a fine evening with all your makeup like bronzer, blush, highlighter, and eyeliner that does make sense. But while at work or during an interview you need to make sure that your makeup does not scream that you just came from a club. 

The key is to make it look light and depending on the time of the day you can change it a bit.

Is It Okay To Wear Eyeliner At Work?

Why yes, wearing eyeliner to work is completely okay as long as it is not bold. Make sure that your eyeliner is one colour and a neutral one like black. 

You can’t go wrong with black eyeliner like ever. Black eyeliner is a safe zone when you don’t feel like experimenting but at the same time, you like a change in your daily makeup look.

Another important thing to consider after deciding on the colour of your eyeliner is the type of eyeliner. Now this means the shape and density of your eyeliner because you just can’t be walking in with a cat eyeliner anytime you want.

The classic type would be the simple eyeliner that is on the lash line and extended a bit on the outer end of your eye. This means that you are keeping it simple as possible yet giving your eyes the definition they need.

Keeping the density of the line as natural as possible too bold would simply look dramatic and that is not entirely business casual. This gives you a chance to wear a bold lip colour too.

If you are going to wear a cat wing eyeliner, make sure that you tone it down a bit with a nude lip and minor blush. 

How Do You Do Business Casual Makeup?

Business casual makeup depends on the type of job you are doing and what it demands from you. Let’s say if you are working for a designer then you have to look your best and do whatever kind of make-up trend is going on at the moment.

You also have to take care that if it is a neutral zone job like you working at Starbucks, then wearing minimal make-up would do just fine. 

If there are no requirements whatsoever at your place of employment, there is a basic guide that you should follow when it comes to putting on makeup.

Mascara is a must because not only does it look good but makes you look awake for the tired schedule you have. Always put on some blush like rose nude colour or something that gives you a natural flush according to your natural skin tone. 

If you want to put on eyeliner but don’t want it to be all over or dramatic, extend a small line from a pencil or a marker liner on your outer eye corner. Not only would it elongate your eye but also would not look dramatic or over the top.

Now comes the lip, for this you can simply go with your natural blush colour because that would look the most minimalist and good. But if you want to experiment, you can always work with nude shades.

If you are looking for a bit of a pink tint to your lips, you can mix it up with your nude colours. Here’s another tip, put the bright colour on the inside of your lip and a nude one on the outside and that’s how you get yourself an ombre lip colour that looks the right amount of perfect.

Do You Have To Wear Makeup For Business Casual?

Of course, you have to wear a bit of make-up for a business casual look. Make-up can tell the kind of personality you have and can leave a good impression on the people you are about to interact with throughout the day.

It is not always about wearing makeup all the time but making sure that it goes well with the timing, your dressing, the people you are going to meet, how you feel about make-up, and the type of job you are up for.

There are most certainly many factors to consider but you have to check your comfort zone although stepping out of it can change the game for you. 

For a composed and professional personality, makeup can help you. There is a fine line between how to use makeup to your advantage or just over exaggerating it to the point it ruins your first impression.

And makeup is not just confined to women, even men should go for it if covering up those dark circles is needed then why not?

Is Lip Gloss Appropriate For Work?

Lip gloss is appropriate for work because technically it is part of the minimalist make-up looks. If it is a clear gloss then you can apply it on top of your lip colour if it is matte.

Keep your entire makeup neutral when it comes to gloss as well due to its shiny effect. 

Overall, makeup can make or break your look for the day especially when it comes to business casual. But here is something that you should keep in mind you pair your makeup with your outfit.

Balancing out your makeup is the key here, so always go for solid colours and neutrals so that you look professional and the same goes for your makeup look. 

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