For more than half a century spent in the fashion world, Etro is the spot where everyone goes to get the best trends and fashion there is. People who have been regular at this brand can give you a thousand reasons why you should be loving and shopping from here. 

If you ever have been fond of Italian fashion, then you might always want to own a jacket or a dress from here. It is all because of the amazing breezy designs and styles that really depict the flamboyant essence of this brand. 

This entire credit for people falling in love with the brand goes to the talented designer Gerolamo Etro who founded the brand. The designs here are a rich blend of contemporary pragmatism and imaginative designs. 

There are a lot of fashion experts that stand by the designs of the brand so you won’t ever be having any disappointments once you purchase any clothing. The styles that you see here are mostly inspired by global trends and how fashion is being perceived in the current times. 

The signature print that you would see here frequently is the paisley print that literally looks amazing on tops, dresses, and other clothes as well. The paisley print collection by the brand consists of finely woven cashmere that is adored by fashion lovers around the world. 

The prints and colors by this Italian brand are inspired by the exotic and rich cultural and travel influences of the east. The first time ever when paisley prints were introduced by the brand in the major European fashion capitals, was back in 1981, and ever since these prints have been ruling the game. 

The references to this print from the past still live on in the latest prints and designs by the brand in the collections. The print was later on added to soft silk fabric and there is this signature geometric design on the women’s trousers that also comes embellished with red and black motifs. 

You would never see something dull or regular looking displayed by the brand at stores or online. Etro is known for its bright colors and is presented in a high fashion way so that if you are switching from high fashion plain colors you still get the luxury touch. 

Whether you are looking for a pair of pants or jeans, the choice of colors and not to mention the classic prints here is unlimited. Etro is known for literally reinventing the jeans genre since the world got to see the printed denim variety with different bold designs and weaves. 

The signature diamond design of the skinny jeans here is the iconic luxury one that also has a gold Etro logo on the rear waist side. The skirts here are a combination of velvet and silk which makes this one an ideal addition to your luxury closet.

All you have to do is pair these dresses and skirts with a nice pair of heels and you get the perfect classy luxury look. 

What Kind Of Brand Is Etro?

Etro is an iconic Italian fashion brand that is also a family business and was founded in 1968. The signature and identifier of this brand are the paisley prints and patterns that this brand started making in 1981. 

The brand now has more than 140 retail stores across the world. This Milan fashion house is a luxury and force to be reckoned with for many fashionistas and celebs that are spotted wearing the brand frequently. 

Is Etro A Popular Brand?

With more than 55 years of experience in the fashion industry, Etro is popular for all the right reasons. It is, first of all, a luxury brand which makes it absolutely right since it is Italian and it is all about quality and luxury in a mix. 

The brand is known for its high-quality craftsmanship in everything. From clothes to accessories, you get the perfect stitch and fit for your day-to-day look. 

The different types of styles really give you a wide range to select from and it could be casual and formal, just how you want it to be. The clothes here are definitely expensive and you won’t see an average Joe shopping here at all. 

But it is all in the finest of fabrics and materials used in the entire collection. The clothes are manufactured in Italy which definitely is an authentic quality factor.  

Who Is Etro’s Designer?

As of now, Marco de Vincenzo was recently appointed as the creative director of Etro. 

The Italian fashion brand has been nothing but excellence in everything once you start investing in the brand. Even though it is not affordable to the majority of the population, you can still wait for the sales and discounts happening annually at the stores.

There are very few family-owned brands that keep the quality running for a long time in the business. Etro is the prime example and how it has made paisley prints a signature style that is still intact and vibrant among all the different types that you see.

The accessories like bags and scarfs are also a part of the collection here and they are manufactured in Italy as well. The materials for these are sourced from different parts of the world but quality check remains no matter what.

If you are celebrating or really want to change how your wardrobe usually looks, Etro is the kind of brand that can help. From casual to formal looks, you have everything that you would be needing to get the picture-perfect look. 

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