An inspiring creation of Doug and Susie Thompkins who also founded North Face. The creators sold Esprit to their partner Michael Ying in 1993. This small US retailer turned into a huge fashion brand in Hong Kong. 

The brand became a huge deal when it comes to fast fashion. The colors and designs of the clothes here were iconic and aspirational looks for many people. The looks were created to inspire people with style, sass, and trend-seeking desire. 

Initially, the brand was a huge success as it flourished due to its ahead-of-time thinking. The brand experimented with a lot of styles and was a success every time for the public. 

The profits the company generated were in billions and were rightfully dedicated to making more. Even though the brand was a fast fashion one, it still did not compromise on the quality of clothing or accessories. 

You would find clothes for everyone and accessories like jewelry, watches, bags, and much more that would complete your look. 

Although the watches and other accessories were there, the main highlight was the clothing line that everyone drooled over. 

Esprit has its stores in more than 40 countries all over the world. The headquarters of the brand are in Germany and Hong Kong. The brand to this date stands by its motto of feeling comfortable, looking great, and keeping it easy. 

Is Esprit A Designer & Luxury Brand?

No, Esprit is not near to being a designer or luxury brand as there are luxury brands out there. Luxury brands identify as something that is prominent in quality, and design, and have exclusivity to them.

The current fashion lines of this brand are not only featured at Esprit stores but also in other retailers that hold and display Esprit clothing. The quality of the clothing is there as it the brand would not have survived and thrived all these years if there weren’t any. 

The designs here are unique and there is always something new to experience when you enter the store to shop. The brand has also made sure over the years to deliver good quality and designs with good affordable prices. 

But the quality is definitely not something out of this world type either. Many people don’t invest in the brand due to its fast-fashion factor. Esprit Holdings has always been keen about keeping the trendy element alive hence the good number of clothing lines you see every year. 

It is very rare for a fast-fashion brand to be a luxury brand since the collections are not here to stay or make a statement really.

With high-end luxury brands, you see there is a sustenance factor that really stands out. This not only ensures the quality of the collection in the public eye but also makes the brand become a luxury from a consumer’s standpoint. 

Is Esprit A Good Brand?

Esprit does drop their clothing collections very frequently that does put people in doubt about the quality and sustainable approaches of the brand. 

As of now, the brand had to close many stores in different countries but it is still running and has not gone out of business. 

The thing that went wrong with the brand over the years is the lack of consistency in the quality and design of the fashion lines. 

After a short period of time, they had different people taking charge as CEO of the brand. Each person who took over wanted to change the look of the brand and how the stores should look different to consumers during their visits. 

This turned out to be a huge cost for the brand over time. Every management of the brand, in order to stay relevant, even overlooked the profits of the brand, and sometimes the cost was more than the profits.

The stores of Esprit are still up and running and people still think of the designs as cool and trendy. But the brand has definitely been missing the spark it used to have since its inception. 

Discounts are also available occasionally in the stores and online so when you shop here, you know it is not going to exceed your budget. This factor still to this date attracts many customers to shop at Esprit for cute looks along with accessories. 

The quality of the accessories and clothes is there if you want them to work for the season. But if you are looking for something long-lasting and durable, you might want to check out other clothing brands that do offer both and you might even get affordable prices or better – discounted offers! 

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