You have probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the brand Armani. Every kid of the current generation knows about the luxury brand and when this brand came to birth and rose to immense success, everyone knew about it at that time too. 

The Armani group has always been about creating fashion statements whether it is about clothes, shoes, or some accessories that you know are going to look perfect with every look you get from here. Emporio Armani is a sub-label of the Armani Group that is popular due to its stylish and chic collection. 

We all know about Emporio Armani since it has a reputation for launching a diverse collection every season without fail. Along with the diversity you get to see a lot of creativity and craftsmanship poured into every single product coming out of here. 

The target audience of the brand is young people and young adults that inspire the young and fresh collection every season. The Italian fashion house definitely knows what it’s doing when it comes to the quality of the products. 

The head of the brand and the idealist behind this powerhouse is none other than Giorgio Armani. The designer is surely 80 plus but still has a great level of interest in his creation and still works actively to make sure that the brand attracts more and more customers. 

Emporio Armani came to birth, right after the huge success of the parent brand called Giorgio Armani. In 1982s Emporio was introduced with the same inspiration of fashion and design that people used to expect from Giorgio Armani. 

Not only was the collection amazing but also the brand knows how to nail it every season with amazing clothes, accessories, marketing campaigns, and an advertising budget that really does justice to the collection.

Many celebrities have been the face of this popular fashion venture whether it be photoshoots or runway fashion. Celebrities like Megan Fox, Rihanna, and more would really be making you follow the inspiring collection by the brand. 

Is Emporio Armani A Luxury Brand?

Not necessarily as compared to its parent brand that we all know that not everyone can afford. 

Emporio Armani was launched to take care of the young generation of each era and also for people who love fashion but can’t afford most of it. For some, the brand still remains a bit expensive and we do understand since a 1500 dollars suit definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Emporio Armani is a place where you can go shopping for any special occasion if you really feel like owning luxury items in your wardrobe but don’t want to go overboard with them. Even though the collection here is comparatively affordable, there is no compromise on quality at all. 

Although, it is said that the brand uses a bit lower quality materials to manufacture the clothes here so that the brand could charge less for clothes and consequently, people are able to afford them. The boutiques of this label are in limited locations. 

If you walk into Giorgio Armani, you would know that this outlet in part does not hold any products from its sub-labels. Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange have their own independent outlets and can be bought separately online as well. 

Is Armani Considered Luxury?

Well, most definitely Armani is considered a luxury brand to shop from. When you see only an elite group of people shopping from this brand and not everyone going in there, you know the brand is going to be all about high quality and a lot of money to splurge on. 

Why Is Emporio Armani Cheap?

Emporio Armani, as compared to the parent label, is considered cheap. The brand uses slightly low-quality materials in the making of clothes but the finish is definitely outstanding. 

But there are people that still don’t want to shop here because 1000 dollars for a dress is still expensive for a lot of people. 

The women’s and men’s collection in clothing especially is something that has made this brand gain more and more popularity on the international fashion platforms. 

From casual wear to dresses, you see a lot of fits for you to choose from. The clothes are comfortable to wear and are definitely durable since Armani has got to keep the standards intact. 

So next time you want to buy something from Armani, Emporio is the place you might want to check out for yourself. 

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