If you are a big make-up and skin care person despite the gender stereotypes, then you must have heard of the Elizabeth Arden brand. It is one of those brands that are way too expensive but literally, everyone imagines owning it because your skin deserves the best. 

There are still only a few make-up and skincare brands like this one that still remain iconic and classy. The women and incredible visionary businesswoman Elizabeth Arden founded this brand and it kick-started from humble beginnings.

Now, to this very date, Elizabeth Arden is one of the most classy and well-respected beauty brands in the beauty industry. Even though the ownership of the brand has changed over the years and the makeup, skincare, and fragrances collection have evolved, the brand is true to class and perfection even today.

Makeup is there to cover up the present flaws on the skin and body whereas skin care is there to take care of your skin and prep it for a fine finish of make-up. This is a rule of thumb in terms of what you should prefer while shopping and something the founding person of the brand kept in mind as well. 

Elizabeth Arden was more interested in developing skincare that would help refine the skin and prepare it well. There are some of the iconic skin care products by this brand that are considered the holy grail of skincare.

First comes the anti-aging serum that is called Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum. This is a nourishing serum that can be easily used on a daily basis. 

This serum is famous due to its skincare benefits. The main benefit is obviously reducing the age signs like smoothing out the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Next, the best thing that you get is the removal of dark spots and sun damage due to sun exposure. 

Speaking of sun exposure, sunscreen is always a good thing to keep and for that Elizabeth Arden has got your back. The brand has a broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that reduces dark marks and hyperpigmentation. 

Is Elizabeth Arden High End?

Well for sure, the prices here definitely make you think twice before picking up a moisturizing cream or the tinted one to spend your hard-earned money on it. With brands like Elizabeth Arden, it is all a matter of high quality and keeping the manufacturing process of each and every product as clean as possible. 

The brand is expensive, that is a given, but since the products here do give you results and actually make the skin look good even the makeup products, the prices are somewhat justified. Even if it is out of range for many people, people always prefer high-quality makeup and skin care products. 

For some, it is important no matter what the price is and so brands like Elizabeth Arden thrive and prosper. The brand stands 6th in the list of the most expensive beauty brands there is in the year 2022. 

The brand has sustained its position in the top ten beauty brands in the world for a while now. 

What Is The Most Expensive Beauty Brand?

Dior is the most expensive and luxurious beauty brand there is on the planet. From its primer to tinted moisturizer, everything about the brand is expensive, even its scent of it is just the perfect amount of luxury you need on your skin.

Dior has been every celebrity makeup artist’s first choice for good makeup and runway looks and we do see why. 

What Is Elizabeth Arden Known For?

Elizabeth Arden is an iconic and classy brand for skin care and make-up products that everyone loves and wants to own. Even though the brand is way too expensive and some would argue that Nivea moisturizer could do the same job, the brand still remains timeless. 

People do love to get the best for their skin and hair especially if it is about sensitivity or something that really suits your skin. You can definitely find a good moisturizer or a foundation from the drugstore but that would not give that luxury and premium effect. 

Not talking about the literal thing but about feeling premium and that happens with something exclusive and expensive on the market in anything for that matter. 

So, Elizabeth Arden is the kind of brand that is a must-try if you really want to experiment with the best there is for your skin. 

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