Born in 1992 in London, the world witnessed the glory of Dune London on Oxford Street. The creative minds here were born into the generation that was expert shoe manufacturers. 

This fashion house is the place where you get high-quality shoes and accessories for your perfect fit. The highlight of the brand obviously is the shoes and the craft of it that delivers the finest quality and style to all. 

The founder of the brand Daniel Rubin followed the skilled footsteps of his ancestors in shoe manufacturing and was destined to deliver the best. Daniel understood how important it is to own a pair of shoes that not only looks good but also lasts for a reasonable amount of time. 

The assignment was understood clearly by the fountains hence the birth of a statement brand we all know as Dune London. This is a house of creativity, style, and grace that embodies every pair of shoes and accessories that you see. 

The vibrant colors and patterns of every kind of shoes here really set them apart from the repetitive designs that you see. And now the brand has more than 350 stores all over the globe and it delivers anywhere you want. 

The designers, buyers, and the founders of this brand are true specialists in what a perfect pair of shoes should be like. The process of making each pair is dealt with great passion and dedication which is also a highlight of the 120 processes that goes into the making of each pair. 

The craftwork and the design are something that tells you more about the quality here as compared to the logo. Even though Dune Does believe in keeping up with the trends but does not forget the importance of timeless pieces. 

Other than trends, the blend of classic and ever-green designs really defines the personality of the person wearing these shoes. So you might end up finding the perfect shoes that are just for you. 

I’m the collection you get small boots, slides, biker boots, trainers, heels, and so much more that defines quality and comfort in your single purchase. London is considered to be the fashion capital of the world and since the brand originated there, you know your favorite shoes are coming from good hands. 

The brand has a huge selection with a customer base that keeps growing to this date. Other than visiting the stores, you can also visit the online store where you can get your hands on the limited collections and your favorite pairs on every visit. 

Is Dune London A Luxury Brand?

The reason why the brand has been killing it since its inception is because of the high quality and accessibility for the majority of the population. One might end up thinking that high quality, trendy designs, and classic styles would be the most expensive purchase of all time. 

But Dune London has made it possible for you to get the perfect fits and accessories on a budget and still look like luxury, just the way you want it. 

Is Dune A Designer Brand?

Dune definitely has a team of talented designers on board that give you something unique and beautiful with every collection launch. 

Since the brand has always been designer, you know that the products here are going to be chic and stylish. 

Is Dune High-End Brand?

The quality of the shoes here is definitely high-end and gives you the shoes and accessories like they are a high-end luxury you just can’t miss out on. With the in-house designs and talented designers on board, you get the perfect experience of luxury shopping but on budget. 

Every kind of material used in the accessories and the shoes is sourced from trusted sources. Whether it be leather or suede, it is going to be of premium quality and durable that you can use for many years without complaining. 

With every season’s launch, the public sees something fresh and new that really sets the brand’s collection apart from most of the designer brands out there. You can surely find a whole lot of options that have an amazing collection of shoes and accessories with great quality as well. 

But the only thing that stops you from shopping there is the price of even a single pair. Dune London believes that quality and style don’t have to be expensive and you can still look luxurious on a budget. 

So this would be the perfect time to head over to Dune and get to shopping! 

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