If you were a 90s kid with a passion for pop culture at that time, Dumbgood would be the perfect nostalgic ride to the past.

Dumbgood is a refreshing take on the pop culture of your time as it pays a memorable homage to your favorite cartoons, shows, and movies.

The brand focuses on creating merchandise that would tap into people’s nostalgia and connects them to what they loved the most.

This article will discuss what Dumbgood is, who is the owner of the brand, where it is located, and if the brand is legit.

What is Dumbgood?

Dumbgood is a licensed streetwear brand specializing in pop culture and blending clothing lines with the best of ‘90s shows, cartoons, and movies with a dip here and there into the 70s and 80s.

The cherished brand focuses on classics such as Seinfeld, Kill-Bill, Hellraiser, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Goosebumps. They also have collections based on anime series such as Good Burger, Cruel Intentions, and Cowboy Bebop.

The entire business of Dumbgood is based on sentimentality and an ode to the past that may provoke feelings of nostalgia, longing, and childhood innocence in grown-ups nowadays.

Wearing the collections by Dumbgood is like going out in public wearing your childhood and intentionally relating to the people all around you, from all walks of life, and thinking the same thing “Oh, I loved that too!”. It’s like a giant hug from your childhood favorites.

Who Owns Dumbgood?

Dumbgood was founded by apparel industry experts Justin Deanda and Amelia Muqbel and is now owned by Justin Deanda.

According to Justin Deanda, Dumbgood’s origins can be traced back to the time he had a realization that there was a lack of officially licensed merchandise in clothes that people would be happy to wear.

He thought hard and long about what kind of collection would make sense to his generation, and he came up with a brilliant idea.

Instead of looking to the outside for inspiration, why not look back to our own pasts? Why not do a business out of the sentiments we all shared while growing up?

And that is how Justin Deanda came up with the idea of launching a collection with the favorite hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

People were delighted to see their beloved Spongebob Squarepants on sweatshirts, along with the likes of Titanic, The Breakfast Club. Rugrats, Nerf, and Scream.

What makes Dumbgood even more special to the people raised in this nostalgic era is that Dumbgood respects the people who came up with the creatives of the cartoons, shows, and movies of those times.

Selling officially licensed merchandise means that Dumbgood gives full credit for these images and quotes to their creators, who then get paid for being able to use their content.

It is a bright contrast to the abundance of retailers nowadays who copy the titles, images, and quotes of these epic shows and forget to respect the people who created these lines.

Where is Dumbgood Located?

Company Description: Dumbgood LLC is located in Irving, TX, United States, and is part of the Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing Industry. Dumbgood LLC has six total employees across all of its locations and generates $270,607 in sales (USD).

How Long Does Dumbgood Take To Ship?

According to their website, it takes Dumbgood 5 to 7 days to process orders and verify them and an additional 2 to 3 days to get them delivered to your doorsteps.

Is Dumbgood Legit?

Dumbgood is a legit, licensed brand. While their prints, jokes, and childish graphics may indicate otherwise, Dumbgood actually sells top-quality merchandise.

The brand has its own place in the market owing to the fact that they don’t usually follow trends and instead likes to follow its own mind.

Unlike other retailers who just throw on a logo or a quote from a show without even giving credit to the creators, Dumbgood respects the cultural vision of the creative artists and pays them their dues.

Moreover, the brand keeps measurements and aesthetics in mind. You will find an excellent attenuation to the style of the collection, the colors, and the size of the images printed on them.

The brand connects with the creators of these shows, the people who worked on the logos, the graphics, and the script, and then pitch them their idea. This is the crucial step.

If the creators of the said show give permission and authentication to proceed, only then can Dumbgood really proceed to produce and sell the merchandise.

People from all over the world have worn the pieces by this brand, and there have been hardly any complaints regarding the authenticity of the brand.

According to most customers, they have received the orders they have placed and got top-notch quality stuff.


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