Chiko Shoes is an online brand that offers fully customizable shoes for men and women.

They came up with the idea in 2013 and decided to give the customers full leverage over the design they wanted to have of their footwear and accessories. 

Prior to that, Chiko Shoes was primarily an online brand that made shoes for women.

After hitting the high note, Chiko Shoes decided to expand their company to new areas, extending their shoe collection for men and adopting innovative strategies to take their game to the next level.

Today the company is one of the highest-earning retail brands online and makes revenue of around 50 million USD annually. 

So, what kind of brand is Chiko Shoes? And is it worth it?

Let’s find out.

Chiko Shoes Company

The company was co-founded in 1999 by Judy Chin and R. Kolkman, and its headquarters lies in Shanghai, China.

It earns its name through the integration of the family names of both founders “Chi-Ko” and has earned quite the hype in a relatively short amount of time. 

Pricing And Strategies 

Credit might go to the innovative strategies adopted by the company, where the opinion and worth of the customer is leveraged.

There’s a huge collection for you to choose from, where you can even customize the style and design of the shoes according to your style. 

The price range is also quite affordable pertaining to other brands of its standards which continues to make it a favorite among customers worldwide. 

Happy Customers 

Most of the customers are happy with the customer service and quality of the products they ordered.

They reviewed the team to be extremely helpful and responsive to their complaints and kept them updated about their order through their emails. 

Many customers are satisfied with the delivery time even though the product is shipped all the way from China. 

Complaints And Problems

However, there are a number of customer complaints of delays in deliveries as well as a lack of response from the team.

This creates annoyance among customers, who have to wait a long time for delivery.

If you have decided to return it, you’ll need to think fast, since the company only accepts returns within 30 days of the order.

They also do not accept returns of more than three items, so you need to be careful about the number of items you are ordering in a single go. 


Apart from shoes, the company has expanded its lines to quality handbags and launched its men’s shoe collection, after popular demand for their unisex sneakers.

There is a huge variety to choose from and their products are also customizable so you have a lot of freedom while shopping from Chiko shoes. 

Is Chiko Shoes Ethical?

Working Standards 

Chiko shoes are known to be handmade and use a variety of materials to manufacture their shoes.

The transparency concerning their employment policy and their working conditions is quite unclear which raises questions concerning the standards of the company. 

Materials Used

Chiko shoes use microfiber leather, which increases the breathability of your shoes making them more comfortable, and is generally animal cruelty-free. 

They also use cowhide leather in their shoes which is not only a crime to the animals but also to the environment. The material needs to be treated a number of times with different chemicals and heat.

Most of these are harmful to the environment and need to be given proper treatment before disposing of them, adding to the carbon footprint of the company. 

Low Transparency 

How exactly they do this is skeptical, due to much of the information left out on their website.

No certification of policies is mentioned on their website, regarding how they plan to reduce this impact on the environment.

 They also use synthetic leather in the manufacture of their shoes which is only slightly better than animal leather.

Biodegradable Packaging

Much of the waste on landfill sites are occupied by product packaging. They are left there and accumulate in landfills for years, the piles are only growing larger by the second. 

Chiko shoes have taken the initiative of biodegradable packaging keeping in touch with the US Environmental Protection Agency to lower the impact of fast fashion on the environment. 

While it may be a significant step in the direction of a sustainablity, Chiko shoes still has a long way to go to be categorized as a sustainable fashion brand.

Chiko Shoes Customer Service


Chiko shoes have a 3/5 rating on trust pilot and are one of the best-selling brands on Amazon. This pertains to their excellent customer service and returns policies that allow them to remain a favorite among customers worldwide. 

Shipping And Package Details 

You will receive a tracking number through which you can track your package’s location on the website and keep yourself updated about the shipping status of your order. 

The details of the package and the estimated time of delivery will be given to you and vary between 5-20 business days for the package to be delivered. 

If you have ordered multiple shoes, then it may take longer to deliver or be delivered in batches, according to the convenience of the company.


Their shoes are according to US standard sizes, so measure and place your order accordingly. Use the charts on the Chiko shoe websites since each brand has its own sizes, to avoid any confusion. 

So, Is Chiko Shoes Legit?

Chiko shoes have made their way across the world, to customers belonging to different nations.

Each of them can find their fit and style according to their preference, with affordable prices according to the customer’s range. 

This factor has made it a particular favorite among the public and has allowed the company to rise and expand over time.

The question of whether or not it’s legit is still to be answered due to the fishy policies and next to no transparency which raises questions about the brand. 

It fits all the standards of luxury brands and makes the product available at lower prices all around the world via shipping.

Add to that the customizable option and the brand is already on another level. 


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