Champion has been around for a long time now and unlike the young brands, we are talking almost 100 years for this one. It was founded in 1919 and started with the name Knickerbocker Knitting Company.

In the 1930s the owners of the brand changed the name to Champion Knitting Mills inc. This change happened when the brand started to sell knitted sweatshirts and other clothes to the US military academy.

After some time in the 80s, the company was bought by Sara Lee corporation which started making uniforms for the NBA players in the 90s. The brand also used to provide NFL uniforms to other sports teams of some big colleges. 

The one that did a number for this brand was when it made a kit for the 1992 Olympics and that is when it had the official status and hype as the best sportswear brand there was.

The main reason why this brand was so popular and gained so much attention from all over the world was that it was working with NBA and NFL as well.

Now sports enthusiasts could not just simply ignore this brand and whenever the season as they used to rush to its stores.

You could get your hands on the replica kits and athleisure wear of different sports teams. Now sports are a major crush of most people in the States so soon this brand became a household name for everyone here.

The clothes used to be heavily branded with different sports teams’ logos and that was a big seller for this brand. 

And even though this is a well-known brand for many people, it is not considered high-end or luxury at all. With the athleisure wear, this brand produces on a mass level and the stocks here are huge so that is one point that makes it different from a luxury designer brand. 

Why Do People Like Champion Brand?

The reason is pretty basic that the clothes here are high quality and it is made sure that you get a good range of selection in the athleisure wear. The best part is that you get these at a very reasonable price so you don’t have to worry about going over budget.

Other than athleisure clothing, you can also find casual clothing like sweatpants, sweatshirts, tees, and shorts as well. Fast fashion and athleisure wear have always been in style and Champion are known for mixing these both quite efficiently actually.

It is brands like Champion that you can wear a sweatshirt and shorts and still look fashionable

Because these kinds of clothes are generally perceived as boring but due to the stylish appearance here at Champion, it is not boring at all.

Another popular fact about this brand is that it has a very retro and hip look. These looks are inspired by the 80s and 90s casual fashion sense and the fact that Michael Jordan used to wear clothes from here so this is where you get the retro looks in athleisure wear.

Retro is the kind of fashion that never gets old and this one makes sense when you visit Champion. 

Is Champion A Cool Brand?

Champion is a pretty cool brand and it makes pretty cool-looking clothes for young people and most people as well. But since this brand is affordable you would see many old people wearing clothes from here as well.

With time this brand has seen everything, the great recession and a lot of ups and downs but it has sustained. But with time it has lost its charm and has become more like a dull brand but at the same time, people are aware of it too. 

The brand is very much affordable and accessible to the majority so there is zero exclusivity attached to it. In the early days, the brand used to have a lot of hype with all the celebrities and sports personalities wearing clothes from here, and the popularity was inevitable.

Is Champion Going Out Of Style?

Champion has had enough of its glory days but just like any other trends and brands, things go out of style. The brand was considered once a staple in the fashion industry but now that there is nothing special about it, there is nothing hard to get about this brand anymore.

There are so many other options available these days that have everything that you would need. From casuals to formalwear to sportswear, you can get your hands on something valuable and also luxury clothing.

Champion has been a favourite for a long time because it has also been practising sustainable production measures like minimizing the use of plastic and controlling production wastage.

But now you can get some really good sustainable options in brands of both lifestyle and clothing types.

Production of clothes nowadays is a bit expensive if you opt for sustainable production but slowly and gradually there are some options opening that takes care of the budget factor as well. 

Champion made its big comeback almost 5 years ago now and ever since then it has had nothing new at its disposal. So you basically can always check what they have and if you find anything suitable according to your style, just go for it.

But if you are expecting this brand to keep up with the latest trends now, you might feel a bit disappointed. It has everything you would need as casual wear but there is nothing fancy about it or something expensive that would simply blow you away while visiting the store.

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