If you are a big fan of collecting leather bags then you must have heard about the brand called Brahmin. It is the best and perfect place to get yourself the top-notch leather bags.

Most of the products you see here are manufactured in Massachusetts and the leather is sourced, for the most part, from Italy and also from around the globe. 

The detailed, deliberate, and purposeful design of the bags really makes the brand stand out. With so many years in the fashion industry, Brahmin is focused on making the bags that not only look great but also serve the functionality you are looking forward to. 

The brand is highly respected among bag enthusiasts and the fact that these are hand-manufactured by skilled artisans, really adds to the value.

Ever since the foundation of Brahmin, this American brand has been serving Boston’s locales with some impeccable and timeless signature pieces when it comes to quality bags. 

Bill and Joan started this family-owned business of making high-end bags and have its headquarters in Massachusetts.

After initial years of the brand’s undeniable and beautiful growth, it has now started manufacturing its products in China as well. Not only that, around the globe you would find outlets for these bags and the manufacturing process going on. 

Is Brahmin A Luxury Brand?

You can’t simply skip on Brahmin when you are talking about high-quality leather bags. We all are well aware that how pricey these leather bags can be and Brahmin has been no exception. 

Over so many years, Brahmin has been living up to the high standards of providing the best quality bags and has not once disappointed its consumers.

If you go up to someone and ask about why the bags are expensive here? Most of the time the answer would be that these bags are rightfully deserving of the prices they have. 

Each type of bag here goes under a detailed process of making. Each bag is made by at least 24 craftsmen for all the intricate designs and the process takes almost 100 steps.

This kind of high focus makes sure that each bag you see looks and feels like a luxury you should be owning. 

The brand is an entry-level luxury one and is mainly due to the high-quality leather and animal skin used in the manufacturing process.

We are not kidding when we say that once you invest in these bags, they can last up to at least 10 years. Now, this is what you call quality and value for money done right in one place, at the same time. 

Does Brahmin Use Crocodile Skin?

When luxury meets quality, every brand tries to go for something exquisite and exciting that elevates the experience of the shoppers.

The same goes for Brahmin, the brand is known to include crocodile skin in the making of its bags. This ensures that you get the perfect texture of the leather, design, and sturdiness of the material. 

Is Brahmin Worth The Money?

Obviously, when you are spending a whole lot of money on a bag you need to know about the value and most importantly the question that whether it is going to be worth your money or not? 

The fact that these high-quality bags are able to maintain their shape and materials for more than a decade definitely makes you go for a brand like this. With high-end brands, most of the time investment is more like creating a statement wardrobe. 

So if you want a durable and long-lasting leather bag, Brahmin is definitely an option, an expensive one though, to consider. 

What Kind Of Leather Brahmin Uses?

Brahmin uses premium quality leather and also animal skin to make the high-end bags you see in the collection. 

This leather is mainly sourced from Italy, so you know it is going to be fancy and of great quality. And the fact that these bags are hand-stitched too definitely makes up for the prices you are paying. 

When you are shopping for a Brahmin bag, you might find some similar-looking bags that are such a perfect imitation of these bags. If you are in the mood to buy a knock off then no judgments.

But if you are really into the brand, looking for an original leather bag, and most importantly don’t want to be scammed, then do your homework before making any purchase. 

There is an official registration card that is given along with every bag you from Brahmin. With that card, the brand offers consumers a two-year warranty. If you don’t have the card you can’t avail of the warranty and for sure it is not an original Brahmin bag.

The bags here also have Brahmin names engraved into the leather and the brass medal on the bags. Genuine bags have a very tight stitch to them unlike the fake ones with uneven stitch and rough edges. 

The brand has maintained the quality of its leather bags while being an entry-level luxury brand.

From the moment you invest in this one, you know it is going to be a long ride with leather bags because they are not going anywhere anytime soon. If you and your folks do value luxury but do not want to go overboard with it, Brahmin is where you need to be. 

Instead of going for a lame 1500-dollar Instagram brand bag, why not invest in something that is equally loveable by you and your loved ones.

All you have to do is make a purchase of 200 to 600 dollars and you will be good for the next ten years for sure. 

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