If you are one of those people intrigued by the exquisite and unique designs of a relatively obscure jewelry brand Boca, you need to read this before making any purchase from them.

Boca Jewelry is a relatively new company specializing in rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

All the designs sold by the brand are extraordinarily aesthetic and leave you fascinated to discover the brand to new depths.

However, despite being a newcomer in the Jewelry industry, the rates of its products seem pretty high.

Also, a lot of gossip is circulating around the brand, questioning its legitimacy and reliability.

So, what’s the truth?

Keep on reading to find out!

Is it Good Quality?

Positive customer reviews are one of the key indicators that the customer is satisfied with the item’s quality. 

Going through customer reviews for Boca Jewelry, I found two very different opinions on the quality of their jewelry.

While some people seemed incredibly impressed by the quality, others found it below average. Some even went on to say that the jewelry is cheap, poorly made and doesn’t justify the price tag.

What’s interesting is that the brand doesn’t have any testimonial page on its website that could help clear up any confusion.

However, even if we let go of this for a moment, the numerous negative reviews are ample evidence that the quality of Boca Jewelry is not trustworthy.

Is it Reliable?

For most customers, a brand’s reliability lies in its transparency. The more transparent the brand, the higher the chances of it being reliable and vice versa.

A lot of debatable acts by the company put a big question mark on its reliability. First of all, the brand often gives off offers that are too good to be true, which is a classic indicator of scam businesses.

Every once in a while, the brand offers multiple items for free. That’s right, FREE. However, it does charge an exorbitant amount for the shipping fee. 

According to various customer reports, in most instances, the package doesn’t even get delivered even after they have paid for the shipping charges in advance

Another very suspicious thing about Boca Jewelry is that nobody knows about its owner and when it originated. 

No information in this regard is provided on their website. It’s like, the brand just suddenly emerged one day out of nowhere.

The brand’s website is hosted on a server known to host several scam and low-grade websites. Moreover, the designs offered by Boca are also seen on other pages and websites, mostly scam ones.

The customer service of the brand is also a joke. Despite Boca Jewelry’s bold claims of having stellar customer service, I couldn’t find any easy way to reach their customer service if I am in dire need. No contact number or anything is provided in this regard.

The brand does have a few positives to its side as well. That includes the various payment methods with a money-back guarantee, a valid SSL certificate, and approval from DNSFilter. 

However, the negatives are just too many that they overshadow any positive aspects of the brand.

There are a few satisfied customers too who seem to be happy with their purchases, but their percentage is meager.

Is it Ethical?

According to the brand’s website, the jewelry it sells comes from Asia. This means that they directly sell it from Asian countries, and the whole manufacturing procedure is also carried out in those countries.

I don’t know if you are aware, but most Asian countries do not follow any ethical codes for manufacturing products.

The labor in those countries is dirt cheap, so the chances of labor exploitation are incredibly high. In most instances, the workers are made to work for extended hours at below minimum wage.

In addition, they are not provided with any safety equipment and are forced to work with dangerous chemicals, which endanger their lives and the environment.

If you look at Boca Jewelry’s website too, you will not find any information on the ethical practices they believe in. 

We don’t even know if the brand has its own manufacturing unit in Asia or if it simply buys from Asian suppliers, working as a middleman.

Either way, it is the brand’s duty to inform its potential customers regarding the source of its products or raw materials and if its products are sustainable.

The lack of this vital information is the biggest sign that Boca Jewelry is far from ethical.

Is it Lead and Nickel-Free?

Again, this information is not provided anywhere on the brand’s website. I wonder if the people running the website know what their products do and do not contain.

All they have provided under the product descriptions is the primary metal used in the product and other trivial details. There is no mention of whether or not any of the jewelry items contain lead or has nickel plating.

Therefore, I’d strongly suggest staying away from this brand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?

Where is it Located?

The company is like a ghost. It doesn’t have any physical presence. Even on the company’s website, they have neither mentioned where the company is from nor where its production units are located, which I highly doubt they have.

The brand does offer worldwide shipping. But, the absence of such a critical piece of information, i.e., location, doesn’t just seem weird; it seems phony on their part.

Though their website contains a contact us page, it redirects you to an online form where you have to provide your credentials and wait for them to get back to you.

There is no direct way of contacting the company for urgent queries. They haven’t even provided an email address. 

This seems a deliberate attempt at not being able to be tracked down in any way. 


Despite the striking designs, unbelievable offers, and graceful website, everything else points in the opposite direction.

The brand may be social media popular to some extent, but it is known to deliver poor-quality jewelry while charging insane amounts in the name of shipping.

The concealment of important information, like location, ethical policies, supplier details, material information, etc., also indicates that the brand is not legit but most probably a scam.


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