With summer around and all those beach party invitations, you will need a nice pair of sunglasses to pull your summer look together.

Sunglasses not only save your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and hide your dark circles but also elevate your style.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that sunglasses make you look more attractive as they tend to add symmetry to your face.

With all that pressure to look presentable this summer, it might get challenging to find a stylish, trendy, and durable pair of sunglasses that make heads turn in your direction as you walk in.

One popular brand serving great looks in the form of super trendy sunglasses is Blickers.

Have you heard about the brand?

Do you wish to know whether they’re worth shopping from?

Continue reading this article to find out all you need to know about the brand.


With hundreds of years of family experience as an optician, Blickers was launched in 2013 because its founders had a passion for eyewear. They have a head office in Reus, Spain.

They knew how difficult it was for people who loved eyewear to find everything in just one place.

They launched their company with the goal of providing all brands of quality eyewear with competitive prices under one roof.

They sell all types of designer frames and sunglasses.

Be it trendy or stylish, modern or classic retro, rare or readily available, you will find them all in Blickers.

They sell eyewear from about 120 brands, namely Tom Ford, Dior, Emporio Armani, and many high-end brands.

Just within a few years from its launch, they have become Europe’s leading e-commerce designer business, with 98% of positive customer feedback.

They have an amazing record of launching a new model of sunglasses every day! How amazing is that!

Is Blickers Legit?

Blickers sells 100% authentic eyewear products.

They buy pieces from the original manufacturers.

Their authenticity can be proven by the fact that all the products that they sell come with original accessories from their respective brands, such as the original casing and an original branded cleaning cloth.

They also have a high percentage of happy customers with positive feedback.

This just puts a stamp on the authenticity of the products.

How Is Blickers’s Delivery System?

The company claims to have a very prompt delivery system.

They claim to ship the product in the shortest possible time whilst keeping you updated about the process.

Sadly, the delivery system of the company is not the one that satisfies its customers.

According to customer reviews, the product can take as long as five weeks to be shipped.

However, the delivery is on time if it’s being shipped from Blickers warehouse.

What Is Blickers’s Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied or happy with what you have ordered and want to return or change it, you will have a total of 30 from the day of delivery to return the product.

However, the product cannot be returned if the glasses or lenses are customized.

Make a request from your customer’s account to start the return process.

All return products are to be shipped to Spain, but in the case of returns from Germany, the orders will go to their partner in Berlin.

Be mindful that whatever the shipping charges, they will have to be paid by you.

The company will not pay for any of the return shipping.

Are Blickers Products Expensive?

Blickers is certainly one expensive website to shop from.

According to some critics, they sell sunglasses worth $40-$50 at prices as high as $400 and above.

Their profit margin on each product is insanely high.

However, whatever their prices may be, one thing you can be sure of is that whichever eyewear brand you buy will be 100% authentic.

Guess all that margin is for the authenticity that they provide.

What To Look For When Choosing Sunglasses?

When buying a pair of sunglasses, one should be mindful of the shape that best fits their face structure and shape, personality, and the way they dress.

They should also be clear about which kind of brand, material, style, and color they want their sunglasses in.

If you have farsightedness, any kind of frame would be suitable for you.

In the case of short-sightedness, it is advised to choose frames that are thicker at the edges.

They will help the edges to be unnoticeable when you are reading.

In the case of allergies, a frame made up of titanium or acetate is suggested.

Interestingly, all these categories of eyewear can be found on Blickers.

There is also a catalog available to help their customers navigate what they want.

Plus, the customer care service is always happy to help in case of any confusion or concern.

Blickers Wooden Frame Glasses.

When it comes to providing sustainable products, Blickers is not the one to stay behind.

They provide a whole collection of wooden glasses from various brands that are not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also look dope.

The frames are usually made from bamboo, zebrawood, birch, or wood from recycled skateboards.

Whether you want the wooden frame to be in a classic retro style, a cool trendy one, or maybe something that will grab everyone’s attention. Blickers has it available in every style and every brand.

They have stainless steel arms, which are flexible enough to hug your face with an awesome fit.

Another cool fact about these wooden frame eyewear is that they can float in water. A perfect piece to be carried with you in pools and on beaches.


What are the payment methods at Blickers?

There are multiple options through which you can pay. Blickers accept payment through credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

What to do if the glasses are not well-fitted?

Blickers tries its best to ship well-adjusted glasses.

If they come directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse, they might not be fitted.

In that case, just take your glasses to your local optician, and he will be able to fix them in just a matter of seconds.

Can you negotiate the prices at Blickers?

No! The prices at Blickers are fixed and non-negotiable.

However, on special occasions and sales, they do offer discounts, in which you can buy eyewear at a cut-off price.


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