Birkenstocks are a variant of German sandals best known for their contoured cork soles, consisting of layered materials such as jute and suede.

These features cause the soles to deform according to the shape of the wearer’s feet.

This unique idea originated in the mind of the founder, Johann Adam Birkenstock, who inaugurated the company in 1774 in Neustadt (Wied), Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

The purpose behind the development of these contoured footbeds was to support the foot and also to provide comfort while walking.

This was in stark contrast to the flat soles popular at the time, which eventually caused sore feet among its wearers after an extended period of time.

These innovative footbeds were first completed in 1896 and, by 1925, took the whole of Europe by storm as Birkenstock started selling them across the continent.

Can I Wear Birkenstocks for Business Casual?

A lot of companies nowadays are relaxing their dress code regulations, allowing a wide variety of clothing previously considered unprofessional in the workplace.

The motivation behind this move is to provide a more relaxed environment for their employees to work in and thus, boost productivity.

This has resulted in Birkenstocks now becoming part and parcel of everyday office attire.

Their comfortable fitting and contoured footbeds allow workers to feel light-footed and prevent foot-related problems that accompany a hectic work life.

Apart from ensuring a comfortable work experience, companies also need to balance professionalism during meetings or visits by the client.

So more and more companies are trying to set a standard dress code that is successful at both projecting a professional image as well as loosening up their employees.

Birkenstocks, with their subtle and elegant look, are perfect for this elaborate juggling act.

Whether it be a routine day at the office or a spontaneous meeting with the CEO, Birkenstocks rise to every occasion.

Business casual is not something you would wear at the club or a party, it is supposed to be classy, and Birkenstocks embody class like no other.

Is it Okay to Wear Birkenstocks to the Office?

Office spaces, especially during the summer months, become a haven for sweaty shoes and footwear not designed for adequate airflow.

With an open design consisting of plenty of orifices for the ideal passage of air, Birkenstocks are optimal for office use.

Although, it is inadvisable to wear Birkenstocks if you work in a manufacturing plant, in which case closed-toe or closed heel footwear is required.

If you are worried that your office would penalize you for wearing Birkenstocks, you can always refer to the dress code policy in the employee handbook.

Birkenstocks are available in a variety of colors and styles, complementing a wide array of workplace aesthetics.

They simultaneously address both your professional and casual requirements, providing a jack of all trades in terms of footwear.

Are Birkenstocks Considered Professional?

Birkenstock has a dedicated line-up meant to satiate the hunger for professionalism found in some of its customers.

They are specially commissioned to meet the standards of safety and professionality found in a multitude of work environments—all without sacrificing the comfort and support that has become a hallmark of Birkenstocks worldwide.

Their ergonomically designed footbeds allow maximum comfort and keep your feet healthy during the hassles of professional life while also providing a selection of fits and sizes for every age and gender.

Whether your career pursuits are in the medical, management, culinary, or even in the gardening sectors, Birkenstocks are there to support your feet throughout.

Birkenstocks have a variety of special features pertaining to all these professions, which help enhance your safety and preparedness for these jobs.

They have ESD shoes for people working with highly volatile, high-frequency technology, and most of their shoes incorporate slip-resistant soles made of rubber Nitrile SRC.

Their Birki Air and Classic Birki lines are also available in anti-static versions to prevent the discharge of electrostatic impulses.

For the construction industry, Birkenstocks has special steel toe caps capable of withstanding forces of up to 2000 joules.

Can Birkenstocks be Smart Casual?

In a workplace, first impressions are usually the product of what you wear in front of your colleagues. Your attire reflects your attitude and directly affects how your peers will perceive your behavior.

In the past, deciding how to dress was not a difficult task, considering everyone wore a suit. But these days, it’s a lot more complicated, with companies opting for a smart casual dress code.

Birkenstocks have just the right amount of casual with a dash of formality, enabling you to look appropriate while also projecting an image of being accessible and easy to talk to.

Available in a plethora of colors and shades to suit your personality and mood on any particular day, Birkenstocks help you carve out your own personal brand in the workplace.


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