Throughout the years, there have been many brands that have offered quality products at affordable prices. Even now, the fashion industry continues to increase its empire.

There have been newer brands originating that offer modern designs, and more colors. Most importantly, they offer more sizes.

Additionally, these newfound labels have been especially considerable for comfort and ease of wear.

One emerging fashion brand that aims to empower women through its clothing is Baltic Born. It is a Scandinavian-based brand started by three sisters who believe that every woman is going through her own journey.

Their ambition is to provide high-end aesthetic-looking dresses for women all across the globe at a reasonable price so that they can continue to be their powerful, confident selves.

However, the problem associated with such brands is that there is not much information about them. So it is only natural to become skeptical about the quality and even the date of delivery.

But do not fret because we researched this brand for you. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Baltic Born. So that you don’t have to think twice before buying from here.

About Baltic Born

Baltic Born is the amazing idea of three sisters who were tired of the inconsistencies of the modern fashion world.

These Scandinavian sisters sought to bring a change to this.

So they produced beautifully styled and elegant-looking dresses based on their heritage for every woman to wear.

What truly makes Baltic Born special is that they introduced extra sizes for women, which they thought were unavailable in some other brand’s clothing. They then decided on a range of extra small to even triple XL.

Moreover, they pride themselves on manufacturing high-end, glamorous dresses without the expense of a luxury dress. Their price ranges from $25 to $150.

Baltic Born offers cute, colorful, and trendy dresses. These include velvet maxis and even satin dresses. They have special collections for global women’s events; right now they have one for Mother’s Day.

The sisters have included countless styles and designs for you to choose from for your special day- your wedding, and even swimwear and jumpsuits.

They believe that every woman is fighting her own war, and to win each battle she needs her shining piece of armor.

They wanted women all across the globe to feel united and empowered. So they came up with a brand that appealed to every woman.

What Are the Shipping Policies?

Their headquarters are in Utah. They either ship their products to you from Utah or Georgia according to your location.

The orders are usually processed within 4-5 business days. The delivery process might take 5-14 days for orders within the United States.

Express Shipping is faster and takes about 4-5 business days. If you are from outside the United States then delivery may take 2-8 weeks.

Many consumers have given positive reviews about their shipping and delivery services. They were really impressed that their order arrived on such short notice.

Baltic Born has their own website with all its products there and has all sizes and available colors. The user interface is really easy and engaging.

Baltic Born also has a lot of positive user reviews on its website. However, many buyers have complained that they delete most of their negative reviews which is a shady act.

What Are The Return Policies of Baltic Born?

Their website offers a return portal through which you can apply for a return. You will be sent a shipping label.

In the United States, all the items that qualify for return have no processing fee, and the customer will be issued a store credit. A store credit means that they will be given a piece of paper that will allow them to buy anything from the store of the same value.

International customers need to send the item by mail. There are no refunds, but the store credit will never expire.

If you have received the wrong item or some products are missing from your package then you need to act quickly and within 7 days of receiving your package. Just contact their customer support service team by email.

However, many customers complain that their customer support service is lazy and they take a lot of time to respond.

Some customers explain that it was a nightmare for them to go through the procedure.

Final Thoughts on Baltic Born

One aspect of Baltic Born is that they offer coveted luxury-like brands that look aesthetic and eloquent. They have great delivery service and a wide delivery net.

In addition, they offer plus sizes so that every woman can enjoy their attire.

On the other hand, they have crappy customer service.

Sometimes when they deliver their products, it differs from the actual thing which makes a huge difference.

Many customers have really positive reviews about the label but some say that the quality is variable. If you are willing to take the risk then this brand is for you.


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