Founded in 1945, Balmain is the kind of brand that has influenced a whole generation of designers with its unique style and grace. Since it has been here for decades now you would find the most exquisite luxury designs in every collection. 

The brand makes clothes and accessories for men and women and is widely popular among fashion lovers. No conversation in the industry goes without mentioning Balmain when talking about big fashion houses. 

First of all the label is French and just the type makes it exquisite. French is all about attitude, grace, and style that people wish to have in their wardrobe. 

From your daily casuals to any party wear, Balmain clothes are here to make your day the best. Another reason why people are so much into this brand is that it is highly endorsed by celebrities. 

You can find celebrities shopping from here and have even graced the covers of the numerous collections by the brand. These days, Balmain is kind of being revamped through social media. 

So whether it is on Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, you would find the head designer Olivier Rousteing partying with so Many celebs, musicians, and models. These kinds of activities have created a more fun and relevant vibe for the brand as compared to the past.

You would see Kim Kardashian rocking a Balmain dress at the Met Gala or Kendal Jenner wearing a stunning outfit by the brand to a party. So Balmain is doing pretty well in getting into these famous celebrities’ wardrobes and making a billboard situation out of it. 

As compared to other haute couture brands we have, Balmain is still new in the game. Balmain is still considered a brand that has a popular and young following, so it is still growing to make it on the haute couture brands’ list. 

Is Balmain A Luxury Brand?

Well, most definitely it is one of the luxury brands out there since the quality fabric and products here are expensive. You can easily come across a pair of jeans and tee here that would be priced at 2000 dollars without a hiccup. 

But that is not the case with the entire collection you see by the French brand. You can find a dress or skirt that would be for 400 dollars, still expensive, but less than the shockingly high prices for certain articles here.

This is a well-known luxury brand that gives you that exclusivity and status that sets you apart from the usual crowd. The brand also offers a huge design value, has a humongous fan base, celebrities love it, and is still high in demand. 

You walk into a Balmain store and it is like you have entered a whole new world. The best materials, best craftsmanship, and above all the best shopping experience kind of makes up for the high price tags. 

When you are searching through the online collection or at the store, you feel exclusive and expensive because that’s what Balmain is all about. You would always see harmony among current trends and classic styles.

Although the brand is not on the list of Haute couture brands’, with the finish of apparel here you can see the couture techniques of the exclusive designs. 

You can’t put a price on the loyal fan base of this brand. When Balmain decided to collaborate with H&M, within hours the collection sold out. There were massive queues of people trying to get their hands on the collection. 

Is Balmain The Number One Luxury Brand?

No Balmain is still not the number one luxury brand among all the others out there. People still think that this one is no match for Gucci or Prada but the quality is there and the brand is still popular. 

What Is Balmain Famous For?

Balmain is famous for its luxury and premium quality materials used in the apparel. The accessories here are also of great quality. 

The fact that this brand keeps on collaborating and gracing everyone’s favorite celebrities, it keeps getting popular for good. 

If Balmain is nothing like Gucci then it is also nothing like your average wannabe fashion brand. Balmain has earned respect over the years with high quality and style. 

Having to pay a hefty price for clothes here does sit well with people since it is a well-known brand and no one minds owning a luxury piece or two. 

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