Where would you head if you want a dress that oozes English style and grace? Without skipping a beat, the answer is Aspinal Of London. The name sounds a bit bougie and something you would wear if you were visiting the Queen. 

Aspinal Of London is a brand that is known to define classy English style with exquisite grace in all of its collections. Aspinal is derived from this old English name and is an ancient term that means Aspen trees that are near water well.

The idea behind naming the brand Aspinal Of London was to show the strength, natural style, and the generosity of creativity depicted in the bags and rest of the accessories collection. The brand started off as a family business in 2001 and family values are considered core to the success the brand has had over the years. 

This English brand is known for its bags of all kinds and an amazing selection of watches, jewelry, keychains, and much more to complete your dress-up time. With years of hard work, Aspinal Of London has become the quintessentially English style it is now and keeps pushing to deliver the best. 

The quality you get here in every product is something that the brand takes pride in. The longevity and durability of the bags are something that would last you years and years. 

The next level of craftsmanship is poured into every stitch of the bags and it defines the quality and core values of the brand. 

Is Aspinal Of London A Luxury Brand?

Although the brand does have a lot of luxury handbags and the fact that this brand is adored by celebrities does make one think of it as very expensive. But it is an entry-level luxury brand that gives a high-quality experience every time you shop from here. 

The brand was also devised as the leather products brand that provided the museums as well. Collaborators like Louvre and National Gallery made this a luxury brand that is all about high quality, class, style, and affordability for people. 

Is Aspinal Of London A Good Brand?

Aspinal is known for its quality manufacturing of products but also for responsible practices. The brand consciously sources materials that are recyclable and do not have any negative impact on the environment. 

Sustainable practices of a brand determine a lot in this day and age. If you are an ethical person trying to live a life with sustainable practices, then Aspinal Of London would not disappoint you in your shopping experience. 

Are Bags Made Here Of Real Leather?

Leather is the best kind of material for bags. If you want your bag to be durable and of good quality then always go for leather bags since they last longer, even for generations, and look great with every dress. 

The Aspinal Of London uses the high-end and fine-grained quality of pure leather that is sourced from trusted leather producers in the luxury market. Some of the bags you see here are actually made by hand and have this Italian leather of high quality called saffiano leather. 

Leather bags in particular are quite the game-changer in the fashion industry. They have unique designs, fine stitching, and a beautiful finish. 

These bags are practical to use and look great with every kind of apparel. These are easy to clean and can be used for decades. 

Aspinal Of London, even if it is an affordable luxury for many, has defined how to look regal and luxe without putting in too much money. When we say that it is a popular brand we mean it because Kate Middleton loves to carry around the bags by the brand. 

And if this single fact doesn’t make it fancy and classy then what else would? Ever since then the loyal fan base of Aspinal has been taking the royal image of the brand by heart. 

The best part for ethical living folks, you can also find some vegan options available at the store. With more than 20 stores operating in the UK, Aspinal has been tampering successfully with every sort of collection. 

From small purses to handbags and wallets you have everything you would ever need in the world of classy bags. It is literally not every day that comes across an English brand that is fancy and affordable at the same time. 

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