Based in London, ASOS caters to the needs of hippies, businessmen, women and anyone coming from any background. The brand has its network spread to Europe.

There’s so much for the brand to offer that you may end up losing yourself finding something.

ASOS Design is a complete package, a retail shop that enables you to shop for any event.

Be it casual wear or a fancy pair of jeans; a well-thought design makes you stand out.

You’ve got it all in one place. Often, when that’s the case, this gives birth to a problem – Sizing.

To get it straight, ASOS design has a collection of approximately 80,000 products and it’s quite a task to pick something resonating with your interest and size.

Even a pair of jeans will bring you 1000s of options. So, before you decide to buy from ASOS, consider this fact.

With the availability of so many options, there’s always confusion.

But don’t worry, because here in this guide, we’ll let you know if ASOS is actually true to its size.

Let’s delve right into it!

Normally at ASOS Design, these are the size ranges available,

  1. ASOS Petite
  2. ASOS Tall
  3. ASOS Curve
  4. Maternity for Women

ASOS Petite is for ladies under 5’4 and ASOS Tall is for ladies above 5’9. Moreover, there’s a measurement chart available on ASOS’s website, which enables its customers to check for their size and order accordingly.

But we’ve had a different experience after skimming through the reviews posted by people who bought from ASOS.

Some people found ASOS outfits to be shorter than their actual size.

As someone said,

“And I find ASOS comes up a little small. I’m a size 8/10 in most high street stores but find I am a 10/12 in ASOS.”

Now, apparently, it has solved the problem where you might have thought of ordering a bit larger size than the one you usually order.

But this isn’t the case because if we found reviews of people who asserted ASOS to be larger than the size ordered.

This creates a mess because we now are stuck and unable to decide if we should hang on to the former statement or the latter.

If we were to quote a straight answer to the “True to Size” thing, we would say,

ASOS Design isn’t true to its size

Does ASOS run Big or Small?

In some cases, the shorter size did the job, while in some, people had to opt for a larger size.


  • First of all, we gotta thank ASOS for their hassle-free return policy without any additional charges. It may appear more of usual practice, but brands normally hesitate to incorporate this particular element.
  • One other tip for you to shop smartly is to read the product’s reviews specifically on the product page

And their experience would most probably be your experience. So, why not read them and determine if the size you’re ordering may run small or big?

How do I know my size in ASOS?

There’s a chart created by the ASOS Design itself, and this covers everything pertaining to the size you can imagine. In inches, cm, and m – You say it and they have it there for their customer’s assistance.

All you have to do is match your selected product size and the code number – let’s say its 8 number on top of your product, match 8 with the reading on the chart.

Another way to go about it is to opt for the ASOS Fit Assistant feature. You’re supposed to fill in the form, where you’d be required to enter your information.

This feature would calculate the size you should buy.

Free Suggestion: Out of both of these solutions, the cross-check with chart measurements is a recommended option because it’ll enable you to measure in real-time.

Otherwise, the measurement that Fit Assistant will give will be a guess, although calculated and data-driven, but still, it’s a guess.

We’ve made it easy for you to shop from ASOS Design and select a size congruent with your needs in this guide.

If you believe there’s something you need us to research, we’ll be glad to assist you.

Do leave a comment.


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