Apollo Moda is a fashion store that sells footwear, apparel, and accessories for both men & women.

As many e-commerce brands are emerging, this has given customers the comfort to shop while sitting at home. 

However, there are many scam sites as well which do not sell what they show on their website. This causes customers to have uncertainty about every new brand.

Although Apollo Moda claims that they provide 100% satisfaction to their customers, is Apollo Moda legit?

If you are planning to purchase any footwear or clothing item from Apollo Moda, you might have concerns about its legitimacy.

You might have questions like, is Apollo Moda a legit company or is it another scam company that does not sell what it shows? Moreover, what do the customers of Apollo Moda say about it?

Is Apollo Moda an ethical brand, are they eco-friendly and do they protect the rights of their workers?

In this article, we have explained whether Apollo Moda is a legitimate and reliable company or not.

We have also answered some of the queries you might have about the legitimacy of the brand. Keep on reading to find out!

About Apollo Moda 

Apollo Moda is an online fashion store. This store is based in Los Angeles, California, and sells clothing items, footwear, and accessories for men.

Apollo Moda has its presence on different social media platforms. They have more than 40k followers on Instagram and nearly five thousand likes on their Facebook page.

Although the brand is based in the United States, it ships its products to different countries in the world. Apollo Moda uses DHL as its shipping company

Apollo Moda offers free shipping to its international customers so customers only have to pay for the price of the products.

Apollo Moda has warehouses in Turkey, Netherlands, and the United States. From these warehouses, Apollo Moda sends products to the nearby countries where their customer is located.

Once a customer places an order, they get a DHL tracking number. They can use this tracking number to track their order.

If a person wants to exchange a clothing item due to a different color or size, they can contact the brand. The brand offers free return services to customers in the US and Canada.

Apollo Moda claims that they provide 100% satisfaction to the customers. On their website, Apollo Moda has mentioned that;

“We only offer merchandise of the finest quality. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchases and we want to ensure that you have a positive shopping experience.”

However, if they receive a damaged product, they can get a refund or they can exchange the product within 10 days.

Shoes are the main products that Apollo Moda has to sell. They have low, mid, and high tops. To further divide it, they have casual, custom-made, no lace, classic shoes, sneakers, and boots.

Other than selling shoes, Apollo Moda also has accessories and clothing items such as t-shirts, pants, shorts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jeans, etc.

Is Apollo Moda Legit? 

Yes, Apollo Moda is a legit company.

Apollo Moda has provided its address and other contact information on its website. 

Apollo Moda has thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook. 

Although many scam companies buy fake followers for their social media accounts, when we checked the followers of Apollo Moda on Instagram, they seemed real to us.

The shipping and return policies of Apollo Moda are also reliable. The company offers free shipping to its international customers.

If a customer gets a damaged product, they can avail of the offers of return and exchange or refund. Customers can return their products within 10 days.

Customers in the US and Canada don’t have to pay for the return charges. The effective return policy shows that it is a legitimate brand.

Apollo Moda hasn’t provided any customer reviews on Instagram or its website. Moreover, we couldn’t find reviews of any customer of Apollo Moda except for one.

On Trustpilot, the average rating of the brand is 3.2 because only one customer has reviewed it. 

This customer has given a 1-star review and complained that the customer service of Apollo Moda is not reliable and they don’t reply if you want a refund or have to exchange the product.

However, one review is never enough to show the legitimacy of the company.

The website of the company looks legitimate as they’ve provided all of their contact information and address on the website. Also, they’ve listed their products professionally.

Moreover, the company has warehouses in the United States, the Netherlands, and Turkey. This also indicated that the company is legit.

Where is Apollo Moda based? 

Apollo Moda is based in Los Angeles, California.

Is Apollo Moda Ethical?

Apollo Moda stands in the grey line when it comes to its ethics.

The company is not transparent about its ethical steps. It has not provided much information about the steps it might have taken to reduce its environmental footprint and protect the rights of workers.

Apollo Moda has mentioned in the description of some of its shoes that its shoes are animal cruelty-free. This means that they use vegan leather in their shoes.


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