You know there are few quality brands out there that really cater to the needs of a goth or edgy mind person’s fashion game. And to top that, you need something good and unique to really compliment this style genre. 

AllSaints has got you covered well with its signature biker boots and leather jackets wide collection. You can also find other clothing items that are there to compliment your style and are here to stay relevant like you are. 

The theme of the entire collection mainly revolves around rock and roll styles with a modern hint to it. The clothing items and accessories you see here have unique patterns, designs, and also neutral colors to them too. 

For years now this brand has been popular among the locals and now in many countries around the world as well. Referred to as cult classics, AllSaints style aesthetic is often not for everyone obviously and is known to be a cult classic. You don’t typically find everyone drawn to such clothing unless they are young or just want to experiment with their wardrobe all n’ all. 

Is AllSaints A Luxury Brand?

High quality often comes with an expensive price and in case of this question, Yes AllSaints is a European luxury brand that has definitely got it all. 

With its edgy, rock, and otherworldly designs this high-end brand has made sure to deliver good quality over the years. You can definitely find many other edgy and funky brands out there and most of them lack only one and one thing only, quality. 

Most people who shop here are happy consumers and do not have to deal with different problems regarding quality. Like leather of the clothes wearing out way too quickly, that doesn’t even last for an entire season. 

The leather used here in making clothing items or shoes is of premium quality. You can definitely make it last more than many years actually. For some people the brand also is overpriced. But investing in this kind of brand really makes that one leather jacket last for generations. 

The elegant feel of the clothes along with exotic textures and the high quality really goes a long way. With the mix of black, beige, and grey color scheme you really get the essence of goth even if the prices are a bit over the top. 

It is definitely a must check out the place for people who are looking for some good chains, other accessories, and clothes that really resonate with their punk side of life. Even if this brand entails prices that are very high the brand totally makes it justified in the fashion industry while taking it by storm with every collection. 

Do Celebrities Wear AllSaints?

Well if the brand is luxury it is definitely worn by a good number of celebrities (that rhymed). There are many celebrities in Hollywood spotted wearing the clothes and accessories by this brand over the years.

In March 2020 Madison Prewett was actually wearing a sweater from the brand at the Bachelor Finale. 

And if you are one of the Bachelor’s fans here, you might have also seen Hannah Brown wearing a leather sheer top from none other than AllSaints. 

Other than the Bachelor reference you can also find many mainstream celebs that have been fanning over and wearing this brand over the course of time. Some of these celebs include Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and many others. 

Is AllSaints A Designer Brand?

Founded in 1994, the brand was kick-started by the womenswear designers Kate and Trevor Bolongaro. 

What Type Of Style Is AllSaints?

AllSaints is popularly known for its goth and edgy clothing and accessories collection that first started off as a men’s exclusive brand but then, later on, introduced women’s wear as well. You can find some unique designs and patterns that are an IT factor in the cult classic culture.

This brand has definitely defined the meaning of owning a quality wardrobe even if it is goth or funky. You really don’t have to go to some cheap quality options when you can simply go for quality with a little bit higher prices. 

There are brands out there that do sell quality but with leather, it gets a bit difficult to tell. If you really are going to invest in something of leather you might want to go for something credible that AllSaints does offer. 

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