Shoes and bags are a major source of empowerment for women who love to shop. Getting the perfect fit of a shoe and a matching handbag can do wonders for people if the said items are gorgeous enough. 

Shoes and bags from high-end brands can be a bit tough to get your hands on. The prices are way too much and then you end up giving up the idea of even getting a bag in the first place. 

In 1972 Aldo was founded in Canada and the brand started off small. Although with time, the brand expanded and grew all over Canada and now is one of the biggest worldwide corporations. 

There are now almost 3000 stores of the brand in almost 100 countries. The brand sells shoes, bags, watches, and other accessories that can help you complete your look. 

Is Aldo A Luxury Brand?

Aldo is definitely not a luxury brand as there is nothing exclusive and expensive about the brand.

The brand is very easily available to everyone and very affordable as a matter of fact. The bags and shoes you see here might look similar to ones you’ve been wanting from a luxury brand. 

Aldo takes the design inspiration from the trendy luxury brands so that you can buy luxury but at affordable prices. Not every one of us can afford luxury bags and shoes. So if you really want to have that expensive Prada bag but can afford it, Aldo is the best place for you to be at. 

You can always check out their website and physical stores for the best collection of shoes and bags. 

Is Aldo Worth The Money?

Aldo started with shoes and as it grew with time, the brand branched out into various accessories like bags and watches for both men and women.

Some items you see here might not live up to the quality standards you have but some of them are totally worth spending money on. 

Women’s crossbody bags and purses are known for their good quality and affordability. You can find purses and bags in different sizes and also in different colors. 

You even might find some look-alikes from your favorite expensive brands. The quality of the bags is amazing and most of them are made of faux leather. The straps are sturdy and can hold a lot more weight than you think. 

If you are more inclined towards leather then Aldo also has some leather bags lined up for you to choose from. The leather used in these bags is the milled kind and can be very durable and long-lasting. 

So is it worth your money? Well, totally and you can even gift them to someone special because there is nothing better than a gorgeous bag and a pair of beautiful shoes from Aldo.

You can absolutely do no wrong once you decide to buy sandals or heels at Aldo. You can buy all types of heels and shoes here that can go from casual to fancy wear. 

Like you might even end up finding shoes that would be perfect for your wedding day. Sandals and flats here are available in all sizes and colors and not to mention different styles as well. 

You won’t be having any trouble finding the perfect fit for yourself at the outlet or online. Once you are done with the purchase and start using the footwear, you’ll notice that the shoes can last longer than you think. 

Is Aldo A Famous Brand?

Well, it most certainly is. Aldo is known for its affordability and the best quality accessories than any other brand. 

You might get the advantage of exclusivity at an expensive high-end luxury brand. That definitely makes you feel better about the entire shopping experience. But you can’t ignore the prices these luxury brands can have. 

Aldo gives you the ultimate shopping experience where you can experience luxury without actually having to pay for any. 

The best part of this brand is that it offers its consumers sales all the time. 

You can get seasonal sales, festive sales, holiday sales, and many other discounts that just make it the best brand to shop at. The discounts offered by the brand usually go throughout the year, so you might want to keep a check on that. 

So is it a good brand to shop from? Most definitely since there are not so many options out there that not only give you luxury accessories but also at affordable prices. 

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