Established in 1965, the German luxury brand Aigner has an Italian soul and has been playing its part in evergreen trends and fashion statements ever since its origin.

The brand is known for its finest quality of materials used in the bags and other accessories that simply compliments everyone. 

There are actually two brand names; Etienne Aigner and Aigner Munich which was founded by the same designer Etienne Aigner. The company has been owned by Wooster investment ever since 2004. 

When the designer, after his apprenticeship at Balenciaga and Dior, changed the brand name to Aigner Munich which utilizes Italian craftsmanship and materials in the products you see here.

The brand still uses the name Etienne Aigner for one of the websites. 

Is Aigner A Luxury Brand?

Whenever there is something Italian about the brand you know it is about to get expensive and luxurious the moment you step into the shop. Aigner has some bright and bold colors that make you feel young and excited every time you shop here. 

Crossbody bags are easy to carry and you can just sling them over the shoulder anytime. The purses here are available in all sizes and colors that can be in neutral and vibrant tones as well. 

The bags are made from premium quality leather and other materials that really make the brand stand among all other luxury brands. 

When we say that the brand is a luxury brand because of the prices we are not kidding at all. 

Normally the prices for bags start here from 200 dollars which is still a lot for a bag. 

The bag still remains not so luxurious for many people. The prices here are not so extravagant compared to Dior or Prada where bags normally are priced at 1500 dollars minimum. 

It’s mainly about the quality of the bags and the designs. Aigner is known for its rich history and how it creates contemporary designs of products with a blend of historic influences. 

A brand with an Italian soul, Aigner has a unique blend of Italian passion and the practicality of European culture. Other than the bag, silk scarves are one of the most talked-about items here that you simply can’t miss. 

The silk scarves are actually handmade near Como. As we were on the luxury topic, Aigner has the best ready-to-wear collection that gets displayed during the Milan Fashion Week. 

So if you thought that the bags might not be so luxurious, the ready-to-wear collection most definitely is. 

Is It Worth Your Money?

Well, the brand’s collection of scarfs, bags, and clothes is most certainly as it stands out and has kept a certain high standard ever since its inception.

We are living in the age of fast fashion which means that the production of clothes is fast and you don’t see consistency in any brand these days. 

With Aigner, the case is much different though. The luxury brand believes that if it is creating a clothing item then it should remain in one’s closet and shouldn’t be replaced every two weeks. 

This fact of having a consistent approach towards designing something and coming up with something worth a statement really makes Aigner stand out. The team of experts here is not huge and the small bunch of designers here have made the brand the success it is today. 

So should you be investing in this brand? Most definitely if you are a fan of Italian craftsmanship and quality. 

The timeless, signature and classical designs not only give you style but also quality. The bags here have premium quality and can last for years. Bags are super practical and can be paired with office wear and can look amazing with a party dress as well. 

The cordovan leathers used in the bags give the bags a refined look and with the iconic logo “A” you can’t simply go wrong after buying a bag from here. 

Aigner has made its mark in the fashion industry by introducing modern design with a mixture of some antique visuals that we don’t witness every day. 

The commitment of the brand to the detail of every product and keeping in touch with the old-world ways of craftsmanship has made this brand truly an American icon. 

If you want something that screams quality with style and edge at the same time, Aigner is the best place to be at. Visit their online shop if you don’t have it in your neighborhood because Aigner also is available for worldwide delivery. 

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