Founded by Eden in 2014, Aelfric Eden is a brand based in San Marino, Los Angeles.

The brand has evolved into an image of worldwide street cultural attire from the upcoming future.

The brand is a fusion of graffiti art, a touch of Asian culture, and skateboarding.

The two founders of the brand originally belong to Asia, from Japan and Korea, respectively, but they believe that the brand has a touch of both the Western and Eastern worlds to it.

They aim to combine the two distinct regions of the world and formulate designs that encompass the best of both worlds, thus creating a diversified range of clothing.

The designs are created and then manufactured in Asia.

The founders claim that their designs are unique and thus play an ode to many cultures creating a distinct identity for each street style.

Basic Ideas Behind the Designs of Aelfric Eden

Their main forte is street style. And so this is why they have created an affordable clothing line for each individual so that streetwear is better understood as a lifestyle rather than being considered chavvy.

Their main products constitute hoodies and plain t-shirts. They have also launched accessories like backpacks and snapbacks too.

The design of the clothes is pretty simple and basic. Most of the apparel just has texts printed on them.

For instance, Aelfric Eden’s most famous t-shirt reads “I speak English Letters.”

This text is written using all the various types of letters from every alphabet of the English Language.

Discount Coupons Available on the Website

Often on their website, you will find coupons or discount vouchers available. Some coupons are those buy one get one free type.

So if you buy a shirt or sweatshirt, for example, you can get a bottom like jeans or pants for free.

They believe that offers like these make them popular in the street-style community and thus promote their brand. Today’s generation is attracted to these kinds of promotions a lot.

Thus, they garner attention from the main market they are selling to, the younger people!

In today’s time, each brand requires a bare minimum of followers on their social media as online shopping has greatly taken over physical shopping.

And so, social media presence is really necessary to increase the number of loyal clients.

Is Aelfric Eden a Safe Website?

When purchasing things online, you should always be sure that the website is not a scam, and thus, you need to verify that you will not end up losing money.

Well, in the case of Aelfric Eden, it is safe to say that the website is a hundred percent legitimate. There is no chance of any online fraud when it comes to buying off of this website.

They have a store located in Texas, so if any time you have doubts about purchasing from the website, you can check out their offline store.

The main proof of the website being legit is its fast and prompt customer service. Almost every review on the internet claims that they have excellent customer service.

This makes returns and queries regarding the clothing very simple.

The website of Aelfric Eden has a trust score of ninety-five percent, which is great compared to other websites that sell street fashion-style clothing.

If you face difficulty in getting online on the website due to web traffic, you can also download their app from the play store or the App store.

Is Aelfric Eden Ethical?

When it comes to the ethical questions about Aelfric Eden, there are not many answers available on the Internet.

So one can not claim whether their working conditions are optimal, suboptimal, or they are barely met.

So from the information gathered on the Internet, one can not conclude whether Aelfric Eden is ethical or not.

But, they do claim on their website that with each purchase that is made from their website, they donate to a child via a coalition with UNICEF.

Is Aelfric Eden Fast Fashion?

Aelfric Eden sells all kinds of clothes like wedding dresses, homecoming gowns, cocktail gowns, jumpsuits, t-shirts, hoodies, tops, sweaters, blazers, jackets, and much more.

But their major choice of style is street fashion. Their clothing line changes as per the seasons.

And so, in a way, it can be said that Aelfric Eden is a fast-fashion brand.

They have almost every item on their website that you might find under the category of clothes on Google.

This pretty much explains that the brand covers a vast area of clothing, and so you can find clothes for every season’s need on their website.

What are the Pros and Cons of Ordering from the Website?

The major con of ordering from Aelfric Eden’s website is their delayed shipping. Other than that, the customers have positive reviews about the brand.

Their customer service is also highly responsive, and so their company has made a good reputation among the masses.

The major pros you receive while ordering from Aelfric Eden is that their website always has online discounts available. There is a discount available for every order you place. There is even a clearance sale that is pretty much on throughout the year.

If you register on their website, you get straight eighty dollars off of your first order.

Other than that, if you place an order above a hundred and nine dollars, you get offered free shipping.

By downloading their app, you can get a discount of up to 50 percent on your first order.

And for each product, the website has posted a detailed overview and description of the item. This makes it pretty easy for the buyer to make a purchase.

In the end, it is all about giving the brand a try. It has received enough positive ratings on the internet that it can be trusted as a legit website, and thus, you can opt for shopping from Aelfric Eden.

If at any point, you still have doubts, you can even check out their store in Texas. Make sure to check for sizes twice before placing each order!


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