The brand 66 North was established by Hans Kristjanson in 1926.

The brand was created to protect Icelandic fishermen from the harsh temperatures of the area.

The brand made protective clothes and parkas for those fishermen first, but when the brand started getting popular and successful, it introduced warm, protective clothing for ordinary people.

The founder of 66 North himself lived in the Westfjords. The place is known to have extremely harsh climates.

So, having warm and suitable clothes for the winter was becoming a matter of life and death.

After its success, the brand started making protective and functional clothes for all types of outdoor activities.

The training gear they designed is now worn by most of the Icelandic search teams.

What Does 66 North Mean?

The brand 66 North derives its name from the latitude of the Arctic Ring.

The brand motto was to sell protective gear and clothing for fishermen, and this is how they got popular.

Now, the brand is one of the most famous and well-known technical wear brands that sells outdoor clothing for every event.

If you are looking for rescue gear, mountain climbing protection, or a simple parka to safeguard yourself from the wind, the brand has you covered.

66 North appeals to the general public of Iceland because they draw power and purpose from their heritage.

They have a foundation that is committed to uniting the people of the nation by selling clothing that is linked to their Icelandic heritage.

Where is 66 North Made?

All of the products manufactured and produced by 66 North are made in the brand’s factories and warehouses.

They have been producing their clothing from their factories ever since the brand was established in 1926.

This is why their products are simply stunning.

Since the products are finished under close supervision, there is no room for flaws.

All their products are made with intricate details, and the designers ensure that the brand only sells out top-quality pieces.

Today, some of the products are produced in Europe.

Even though some products are made in Europe, the brand designer works closely with those in charge, which ensures that they produce only high-quality pieces with innovative styles.

Who Makes 66 North?

The face behind 66 North is Matthew Woolsey.

He is the brand manager and the reason behind most of the winter clothing in Iceland that carries the tag of 66 North.

The manager as well as the designs of the brands reflect the unwavering dedication the team has towards sustainable clothing.

When it comes to protecting oneself against the cold climate, it is no wonder that the people of Iceland turn towards 66 North.

The brand has a rich history of producing sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing.

Icelanders blindly trust the brand’s innovative and unique ideas because they know that whatever they have in mind will be of the highest quality.

Their bold and sophisticated clothing captures the attention of millions of people.

Is 66 North Made in China?

No, clothing from 66 North isn’t made in China.

The majority of the clothing from the brand is made in warehouses in Latvia, Europe.

The team at 66 North keeps up with the production and keeps a close check on the design and manufacturing team in Europe.

This is the reason all of their clothing is top-quality and worn by professionals.

Their brand motto is to sell top-quality clothes that can be used both professionally and by the general public.

The clothing apparel will be of the highest quality and will last you a long time, regardless of where it is manufactured.

Is 66 North Clothing Sustainable?

When it comes to clothing design, 66 North is one of the few brands that try to minimize environmental impact.

They show their responsibility and sense of environmentalism by producing clothes that do not harm the environment during manufacturing.

The team at 66 North tries to educate the customers and show them how they can care for the products.

The brand is committed from the start to creating a healthy working environment so that none of the workers face any discrimination.

The brand is also known to use solar energy in its stores, which minimizes waste and keeps the environment clean.

66 North works with only the most sustainable and reliable suppliers, so they are sure to sell only the best quality products.

Return Policy

The brand accepts those items for return that need upcycling or repair.

They try to recycle returned clothes, which reduces environmental waste.

If you receive an incorrect order, you can return it within 30 days and receive the correct order without any additional cost.

Final Verdict

The brand 66 North is, without a doubt, sustainable and reliable.

You can buy all sorts of winter jackets and parkas through this brand.

So, if you are looking for something that will keep you warm for a long time, this brand has it for you.


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