5.11 Tactical is a brand known for selling high-quality outdoor clothing.

It is an American clothing brand that excels in manufacturing classic uniforms, sturdy footwear, and other equipment.

It was created by a rock climber named Royal Robbins.

Upon finding that the apparel he used for climbing rocks wasn’t cut out for the job, he decided to start a line of business that focused on these types of clothing.

The brand primarily targets law enforcement agencies, the military, and equipment for personal safety.

The foundation of 5.11 Tactical is in Irvine, California, but they also have other retail shops in 81 different locations.

These locations include China, Japan, Germany, and many other countries.

What Does the Brand Name 5.11 Mean?

The first thing that the brand founder, “Royal Robbins,” produced was sturdy pants.

These pants were called the “5.11 pants”.

They were made to withstand the tough lifestyle of mountain climbers. Robbins made sure that they wouldn’t rip or tear up.

The name behind the brand originated from the decimal system of Yosemite.

This method was used to measure the climbing difficulty.

There are 5 classes of climbs, all ranging from low difficulty level to high difficulty level.

The decimal after the number shows the difficulty of the climb.

So the brand name reflects the difficulty level of the climb that Royal Robbins went through.

Do 5.11 Make Good Gear?

5.11 apparel is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to selling top-quality gear.

The brand sells protective clothes, tactical backpacks, and sturdy boots.

If you are someone who needs to carry around a lot of gear or equipment, then the bag manufactured by 5.11 would be of good use.

The gear is also designed separately for men and women, keeping in mind their different body styles.

Most of the gear that is sold by other brands doesn’t have womenswear that fits well because they fail to design the suits according to their bodies.

This isn’t an issue when it comes to 5.11 clothing.

They design and sell gear that is comfortable and fits well.

Is 5.11 Made in the USA?

The t-shirts manufactured by 5.11 are made in the USA.

These t-shirts feature bold and eccentric artwork that is designed by the graphic designer team of 5.11.

These shirts are printed in California and then finished off by the brand’s partners in the USA.

The apparel that is manufactured by 5.11 is made of pure jersey cotton.

This is the reason their clothes are airy and lightweight.

Even their gear and equipment are breathable and don’t weigh a ton, so people prefer this brand over others when it comes to outdoor wear.

The brand proudly sells top-quality outdoor wear that is made professionally from the finest materials in the USA.

Is 5.11 Worth Buying?

The brand has formed quite a name for itself in the market.

It has a good reputation, and people mostly prefer 5.11 when it comes to buying tactical clothing and gear.

Their clothes are appropriate for various situations and they all adapt to the different environments.

Their durability and sustainability help people handle whatever situation or environment they have to face.

The clothing they sell is categorized differently by keeping in mind the uses.

They have different clothes for law enforcement agencies and military-based equipment.

Apart from tactical gear, the brand also produces fitness wear for the general public.

The brand goes above and beyond to make sure that customers only buy high-quality products.

The brand also promotes an ethical working system.

They discourage all forms of child labor and make sure that their factories don’t indulge in it either.

If you are looking for good tactical wear and outdoor gear, the brand is definitely worth the money.

Is 5.11 an Expensive Brand?

When it comes to the price point of the brand, we can certainly say that the brand isn’t outrageously expensive.

Their price range starts at $20, and their most expensive items are only $200.

Their shirts, which are priced at almost $18–$20, are made of the finest materials.

These shirts are also trendy and comfortable.

The parkas and jackets that range from $180 to $200 are also made from high-quality raw materials.

They are sure to protect you against the harshness of the winter.

Considering the usage and application of these clothes, their clothes are moderately priced and they are worth every penny.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to buy good-quality outdoor wear that will last you a long time, then 5.11 is the brand to visit.

They have a vast category of apparel ranging from normal fitness wear to the equipment firefighters use.

They are also moderately priced, so you won’t have to break the bank to buy something from the brand.

You will be sure to find something that appeals to you and fulfills your needs simultaneously.



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