The idea of fashion varies from person to person.

Choosing attire, accessories, and hair are some different aspects of your fashion statement. Styling your hair can make or break your look.

There are many different hair accessories that aid you in perfecting your look, and making a fashion statement! Beanies are definitely the trending accessory for the 21st century.

We find a variety of beanies which include loose beanies, high-top beanies, cuffless beanies, and many more.

Lucky are those who can style beanies and hats with straight hair but here is a thread for the curly ones.

Can people with curly hair wear beanies?

The type of hair should NEVER stop you from doing something you love! Don’t let weird fashion magazine standards of having silky hair bring you down.

Beanies are universal and perfect and on any occasion (casual, of course. Wear a beanie to a wedding and people will surely question your fashion taste).

How to wear beanies without ruining your curls?

This is a tough one, almost everything you put on your hair is gonna ruin your curls to an extent.

But, you can flaunt your beanies with some advanced haircare.

  • Avoid putting a beanie on damp hair:

Wearing anything on wet hair locks that hair shape there. Imagine pulling your beanie off your head and seeing a tragic mess left behind in the shape of the beanie.

  • Applying curl fever moisturizers can greatly reduce your fear of ruining your curls:

Moisturizing your hair should be an essential part of your routine, prefer deep conditioning to provide elasticity to your hair.

When your hair is moisturized, they remain supple and soft, and you run the least risk of ruining them even if you wear a beanie.

  • The tighter the beanie, the more problematic your hair will become:

Your hair needs to breathe as you do. When your hair doesn’t breathe, it becomes less soft and frizzier.

Pulling a tight beanie off of curly hair can leave your hair even frizzier than usual!

If you have short hair, we recommend going for a snug-fitting beanie that isn’t too tight. This will help to reduce the amount of frizz and damage that can be caused by wearing a beanie.

If you have long hair, try opting for a looser-fitting beanie. This will help to prevent your hair from being pulled too tightly, which can cause damage and frizz.

  • Avoid over-shampooing your hair and prefer sulfate and paraben-free shampoo.

Over-shampooing your hair and using shampoos containing sulfates and paraben can both be damaging to your hair in the long run.

Such is the case with curly hair, especially, because curls require a lot more care than straight hair does.

  • Hot oil treatments can help your hair bring back its shine and moisture.

Hot oil treatments work wonders for damaged, brittle hair that has lost all its shine and luster.

The treatment is especially good for curly hair since it restores moisture and elasticity and ensures that even if you put your hair through hell and back, it’ll remain strong and frizz-free!

How to Wear a Hat With Curly Hair?

Wearing a hat with curly hair can be difficult. The hat will likely fit snugly on top of your head, but it may become twisted and unmanageable when you move around. Curly hair also tends to be frizzy, making it difficult to get a good grip on the hat.

One way to wear a hat with curly hair is to put it in a bun before you leave for the day. Another way is to put your hair in a braided bun and put a hat on top of it. You can also use a hair tie to keep your hair in place.

Curly girls should try to find a hat that will fit snugly and won’t fly off in the wind. They should also avoid hats with a big brim or pointy crowns, as these can make it difficult to manage curls.

Curls can also be tamed with a hat band, which keeps them contained and manageable.


Beanies can be a great way to keep your head and ears warm during the winter, but they can also be damaging to curly hair.

By following these tips, you can protect your curls from beanie-related damage and have healthy, bouncy hair all season long.


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