If you’re someone who loves shoes, you’ve surely come across the Nike Air Forces. These are one of Nike’s most popular shoes that have been produced since 1984.

Originally, they were designed and created by Bruce Kilgore in 1982, being the first basketball shoe that used the Nike Air technology.

It is one of the most acknowledged athletic shoe designs in the industry, sought after by many. From fashion lovers to singers, Air Forces are a shoe you’re likely to find anywhere.

However, these shoes are also more expensive than others- their price range starts from $50 to $150!

Therefore, if you have these shoes, you should be careful in maintaining them- they’re something of a collector’s item nowadays!

We’ve dedicated this article to help you do just that! Read on to see how you can ensure your Nike Air Forces are in the best condition and how you can prevent your Air Force sneakers from creasing.

How Can You Get Creases Out of Air Forces?

One of the biggest problems that you face that cause your Nike Air Forces to lose their glamour is the creases that form on the top of the shoe.

Now, you cannot really stop your shoe from potentially creasing, but you can prevent it for a longer period of time through these tips!

Buy Force Field Crease Protectors

These Force Field Crease Protectors are a great help in helping you minimize that crease on your toe box! They cost you $13 to $25 on Amazon.

Made from foam, these crease protectors can be easily placed in your Air Force sneakers and help maintain their shape.

If your Air Forces are showing signs of creasing, don’t worry! You can smooth it back out, literally.

Iron them

Pack the inside of your shoe, so it becomes tight. Then, place a dampened cloth on the toe box and iron over the towel. Your iron must not be too hot!

Keep it at 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep checking for the crease, and when it has been ironed out, let your shoe cool. You’ll have a brand new Air Force.

Since Nike Air Forces are made from leather, you can use another method to help remove the crease. This method has been recommended by Nike too!

Steam your sneakers!

Take a damp towel and microwave it for thirty seconds. After that’s done, place it on your sneaker, over the crease.

This will help heat up the leather, so when you place your shoe tree inside your shoe, it’ll mold over the shoe tree, and the creases will be removed!

However, if it doesn’t work the first time, you should reheat the towel a couple of times.

Invest in Shoe Trees

Now, if you don’t trust yourself around irons or hot things, one simple method you can use is buying shoe trees!

It might not work instantaneously, but it will work in the long term, stretching your sneaker back to its original shape.

Use shoe trees with natural scents to get rid of the odor and bring freshness into your shoes!

How to Ensure Your Air Forces are in Pristine Condition?

We’ve scoured the internet for different ways you can take care of your Air Forces before they get too old and you have to retire them. Until they do, you can follow these instructions!

Make sure you tie your laces gently

One of the most important things that you can do for your shoes is to tie your laces in a gentle way so as to not ruin the midsole and ruin the overall design.

Instead, you can make sure you tie your laces both so they won’t unravel but also be loose enough for them to not ruin the sneaker.

Invest in a sneaker protectant!

Sneaker protectant sprays are a must! These sprays ensure your sneakers have a protective layer around them, keeping them safe from staining and giving them a certain freshness.

Clean your Air Forces and blast them with this protective layer. You’ll see amazing results!

Store them when you’re not wearing them!

Whenever you’re not wearing your Air Force sneakers, keep them in a storage area that will keep them safe from direct sun- you won’t have faded sneakers.

Always clean them properly and spray them with the sneaker protectant until you’re ready to wear them again!


We hope this article helped you and gave you more insight on how you can keep your Air Forces in the best condition.

We have included some methods that require heat or using an electrical appliance, so if you’re one of our younger audiences, we implore you to take help from your parents or older siblings.

We love it when our tips help you restore your Nike Air Forces back to pristine condition!


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