There are certain gemstones in the world that are rare and beautiful and for that they are expensive. Turquoise is an expensive and valuable gemstone that you find. 

This one is also one of the oldest gemstones there is that is known to humanity. There are two characteristics of this gemstone that are highlighted the color of it which is sky blue and the rich cultural heritage attached to it. 

In the history of humanity, there were proper cults of turquoise spread in different parts of the world. One part of the world where it could be found in abundance is in Asia, that is Mongols and Persia. 

The other part of the world where turquoise has been a huge cultural phenomenon in the southern part now known as the United States of America, by the Native Americans. Turquoise prices can range from high to low easily because it mainly depends on the quality that you are getting. 

High-quality turquoise can also cost more than gold so it is definitely worth the money. Because if you invest in it then it can definitely serve as an asset to you just like any other valuable item. 

Turquoise, other than being a very old gemstone in the world, has a huge and rich history that is linked to the old Aztec and Egypt cultures. This richness and heritage make it much more valuable and desirable from a cultural point of view.

Since it is loved by the majority of the population, in the ancient mines of Mexico and Persia it is no longer available that much. This rarity and scarcity make it even more appealing for turquoise lovers and this definitely contributes to raising the prices. 

You can always find the best quality at high-end stores or brands and especially from places that specialize in gemstone jewelry or something. Other than that there are so many fake turquoise stones available that are hard to believe are fake. 

Nothing makes a person madder than finding out about a valuable piece of jewelry that is actually a fake. The same goes for turquoise and there are materials used to make turquoise look alike. 

How Can You Tell Turquoise Jewelry Is Real?

Although they might be able to confuse you, you can definitely look into some things that are only real turquoise characteristics. The fake turquoise that you see in the market is usually made out of a white absorbent material called Howlite. 

This material can be easily printed or dyed to look similar to turquoise and in some cases identical. And since this material serves as a blank canvas, it can be printed in any color of the rainbow. 

Fake turquoise sometimes is also made out of plastic and in that case, you can instantly tell that it is a fake. Plastic does not usually have any weight and turquoise is a stone that is heavy so that would be easy to detect.

Some turquoise stones feel like they are hollow from the inside, which is not the case with original turquoise stones. That is one way to tell whether it is a fake or original stone in the jewelry. 

Original turquoise has a green-blue mix color and as for fake ones you can always find them in different colors like pink, blue, yellow, and even purple. So unless you come across a turquoise jewelry piece that is in fact colored green-blue, then you are definitely getting a fake one. 

Generally turquoise is expensive given its rarity of it and it is a luxury gemstone now you just can’t expect it to be for plain two dollars. Fake turquoise on the other hand is quite affordable since it is fake and you can easily find it at your local stores and brands online. 

Is Turquoise Worth More Than Gold?

We need to make sure that the turquoise we are talking about here has to be real to have expensive value in the first place. Turquoise can have valued the same as gold and it can be a good thing for you to invest in it just like you would with gold. 

Is Real Turquoise Expensive?

Yes, real turquoise can be just as expensive as gold and valuable too. It has to be original and it does depend on the size of the stone in the jewelry and the type that you are going to get. 

The price for turquoise starts from 700 dollars and can go up to 3000 dollars easily. Again if you get it from a high-end brand then it is not just the gemstone that’s expensive but also the name of the brand. 

What Turquoise Is Most Valuable?

The most valuable and prized turquoise there is actually blue colored and the color of it resembles a robin’s egg or the blue sky. Normally there is green-blue turquoise but another type has a more intense blue color which is much more valuable and expensive. 

The fine texture of this gemstone makes it ideal for jewelry making and the outcome is beautiful as always. People who are big on jewelry collection and just pairing the right amount of jewelry with every dress are into every kind of jewelry there is. 

Gemstones have always been popular with such people and turquoise is definitely a part of every jewelry lover’s collection. 

Instead of going straight for diamond or platinum jewelry, you can always go for comparatively affordable options. Turquoise jewelry is a great value for money and fashion so definitely, so it is worth spending your money on. 

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