If you guys are big on vintage jewelry and accessories then it is possible that you would have heard of Sarah Coventry. People who collect vintage stuff, especially jewelry, love Sarah Coventry Jewelry and find it quite amazing. 

Sarah Coventry was a famous jewelry brand that was loved and sold for decades by the majority of the population. Lyman K Stuart founded the famous brand in 1948 called Emmons Home Fashions. 

Soon after some time, the brand changed its name to Emmons Jewelry. Emmons Jewelry started off at home parties and was very popular among housewives. In early times this was actually a trend to organize house parties where the hostess used to have collections of products showcased in the drawing-room while serving refreshments. 

Not long after the inception of this brand, Sarah Coventry Jewelry was introduced which was named in honor of the founder’s granddaughter. Emmons Jewelry was always expensive due to the use of expensive stones and intricate designs. 

As compared to the parent company, Sarah Coventry Jewelry was affordable and also had a variety of symbols for the jewelry being sold. You could always find the jewelry being sold under the symbols like SARAHCOV, SAC, COVENTRY, and many more.

The parent brand Emmons did not design the jewelry sold at Sarah Coventry Jewelry. Instead, it would get in touch with jewelry makers and their services would determine the types of designs and styles of jewelry that would be popular among people. 

Costume jewelry was popular at both brands and these were mostly sold in sets and pairs. Like if you like a necklace it would come along with matching earrings and bracelets. 

The brand was affordable and there was a whole lot of variety available for people who wanted to collect unique device designs and styles of jewelry. In recent times, there are still outlets of vintage jewelry where you can find Sarah Coventry Jewelry more than Emmons Jewelry. 

All the jewelry sold by the brand had valuable gemstones in it and was also marked. You could find imitation sterling silver jewelry and also gold plated but still a lot more affordable than the parent company. 

Is Sarah Coventry Real Silver?

No, since the brand offered much more affordable options as compared to the parent company, there was a rare use of expensive materials. You can always find Sarah Coventry Jewelry which includes a silver coating on a metal that has a shine like silver but is not originally silver. 

The same goes for gold and there were many incredible imitations of gemstones available as well. 

Is Sarah Coventry Still In Business?

No, Sarah Coventry is not in business because in 1981 the company filed for bankruptcy. The brand did reopen a few years later but there is no actual store of it. 

You find this jewelry in the vintage section of different jewelry stores and online as well. The best platform online to look for Sarah Coventry Jewelry is eBay for most people. 

Is Vintage Jewelry Worth Anything?

Vintage jewelry definitely is popular and has its own category in the market. Vintage jewelry can be expensive and affordable too but it all depends on what brand and what kind of significance such vintage pieces have. 

Like if there is a diamond necklace by Tiffany that was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 60s then that would be considered vintage and way too expensive too. But for a simple and affordable brand like Sarah Coventry, the vintage jewelry here is still affordable as compared to many options you see. 

If you are trying to resell some old jewelry that has significance then definitely vintage jewelry can be of great value. Otherwise, a plain old family jewelry set can be considered important too but just for the next generation. 

If you are looking for authentic vintage jewelry then it is important that you know the right seller. Because with all the imitations available, it is very easy to mimic a vintage piece of clothing and accessories. 

Sarah Coventry Jewelry is still popular to this date and you can find many jewelry brands trying to take on the vintage designs of this brand. Online stores like eBay and Amazon are the perfect spots to look for such vintage pieces and they also come with detailed descriptions so you know what you are buying. 

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