There are so many reasons people go for expensive and beautiful jewelry. Maybe for some, it’s a special occasion, a gift, or just something that makes one happy in short to each their own. 

But whatever kind of jewelry you buy you would always be interested to know what is going to be worth.

Is it worth your money?

Is it going to be a valuable asset just like expensive jewelry is supposed to be? 

So many questions but there are only a few types of jewelry that serve a valuable purpose.

You need to know that once you’ve bought a piece of expensive jewelry if it is going to be of any worth once worn or taken out of the box.

Platinum is also one of the most precious materials that are used to make jewelry. It falls on the same list of precious materials as palladium, gold, and silver.

The only difference that you’ll see among these four materials is that only palladium is the one that is the most expensive of all these three. 

Palladium is also a very strong material as compared to platinum or gold so it is only worn by the rich.

Platinum is like 5000 years old and it is linked to the ancient Egypt Culture and was also popular among the Indians and South Americans. 

Platinum was used frequently in the mid-1800s and was considered way too precious as compared to other materials.

More than 60 percent of platinum is actually sourced from South Africa and as compared to other materials it is very rare. 

Platinum is rare and it can also be determined by the fact that when it comes to amount, it is mined 15 times less than gold and 100 times less than silver annually.

Platinum is definitely a preference for people when it comes to wedding jewelry especially and you can find beautiful designs of rings and sets in platinum. 

It is a very sturdy metal and it does not lose shape, color, or corrode with time as compared to some others and definitely lasts you a lifetime. 

Not that it is not available but it is very rare to find 100 percent platinum jewelry. You can always find it with a mixture of alloys but again if the percentage of platinum is high, that jewelry is definitely going to be more expensive. 

Platinum is usually mixed with iridium, ruthenium, copper, palladium, rhodium, and cobalt to give the jewelry piece and the said metal the perfect base.

If you are interested in knowing how much platinum is used in your piece of jewelry, then you should check out the platinum hallmark on it. 

Having a hallmark on a piece of jewelry is as important as anything else. It is an identifier of how pure the metals used in the jewelry are the content of it as well. 

Most of the platinum jewelry that you see has a high purity level which means that it contains 85 to 90 percent platinum in the jewelry piece.

And if you come across a piece where a ring has less than 80 percent of platinum, then that would not be considered platinum jewelry. 

Why Is Platinum Jewelry Expensive?

There is one reason for sure that it is a rare material as compared to silver and gold so it is naturally going to be expensive.

Platinum is denser in comparison to gold and silver which means that it is almost 60 percent heavier than 14 Karat Gold and for 18 Karat the percentage is 40 percent. 

There are only a handful and few places in the world where you can mine platinum and that makes it not very easy to extract.

All the platinum jewelry that you see has a high level of purity rate as control silver and gold jewelry. 

Platinum does require mixing but the content of the original material is way too much if you put it against the mixing of gold or silver jewelry. 

Does Platinum Jewelry Have A Resale Value?

Platinum jewelry is definitely the most expensive among gold and silver jewelry but its resale value of it is a bit unstable as compared to gold.

Since it is all the purity of the material and there are high chances of volatility platinum so the resale value does drop when you try to do so. 

Is Platinum Jewelry Worth More Than Gold?

Yes, other than the resale value that is lower than gold, platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold because of the high purity levels in every piece of jewelry that you see.

It is rare to find as compared to gold and it is denser than your casual gold jewelry as well. 

Do Platinum Rings Hold Their Value?

Other than the fact that the resale value of the platinum jewelry is less than gold, you need to notice what kind of materials are on the said piece of jewelry. 

Platinum rings that have diamonds are definitely going to hold their value but it is just going to be the diamond stone.  

Platinum is a perfect material to hold your precious stones in place since it has a strong grip and is a sturdy material.

People prefer it for wedding jewelry like rings and bracelets but as a scrap, platinum doesn’t really have that kind of stable value as gold. 

If you feel like investing in a jewelry piece like a wedding ring or anything like that then platinum is definitely an ideal candidate. But if you want it to be of value, gold is a much better option. 

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