There is definitely a huge fan base for pandora jewelry and it is one of the largest jewelry brands in the world. The jewelry that you find here like charms, bracelets, necklaces, and rings is unique and beautiful. 

The reason why this brand is loved so much is because of the high-quality jewelry and how affordable it is for people who are jewelry fanatics. With every collection launch, there is something special waiting for you and you can most certainly find the perfect ring or bracelet that you have been looking for.

Pandora Jewelry brand was founded in 1982 as an independent jewelry store in Denmark. By the year 1989, the brand started manufacturing most of its jewelry in Thailand which allowed the brand to sell high-quality jewelry in affordable and mass quantities. 

What really stood out for this jewelry brand was the invention of the charm bracelet in 2000. This bracelet was made so that people can customize it with the charms of their liking and everyone would be able to get something unique. 

These charms were available in different styles, designs, and size and the variety in it included semiprecious stones, motifs, and gems that people could add to their bracelets. This very product definitely made this jewelry brand more popular than it already was and now the brand has sales happening in more than 100 countries around the globe. 

Some of the special features of this brand are that you get handmade jewelry and that is for any kind of jewelry you select. The jewelry is most probably gone through 30 hands of craftsmen before you get to see the final product. 

The charms added to the collection is definitely one the best thing that ever happened to this brand. People love to shop for charms from here for some special occasion or to commemorate a day. 

Along with the use of semiprecious stones and gems, you can also find some jewelry that is made out of 14 Karat Gold and also some sterling silver. 

You would never find any two pieces identical over here which means that craftsmanship is fine and unique. So every piece of jewelry stands out on its own and is intended to be complimenting the unique style sense of the brand itself.

The art of making such fine and detailed jewelry involves the lost wax casting method so that the craftsman can achieve accuracy in the design and style of each jewelry piece. There is also a huge selection of glass jewelry available here, the method used to manufacture this jewelry is flameworking and lampwork to get the finest results. 

Unique charm styles are meant to showcase a person’s ever-evolving style and fashion sense. The specific jewelry charms have a unique theme and design sense to them and not just for bracelets, but these can also be paired with earrings and necklaces.

From delicate sentimental designs to some playful designs, you can get everything at Pandora Jewelry. 

How Much Is Old Pandora Jewelry Worth?

Since Pandora is known for making jewelry that is affordable for everyone and is also mass-produced then you can imagine how valuable it can be once old. Unless a jewelry piece has some expensive and valuable materials used or infused while the making of it, you can guess its worth while buying it for the first time. 

Pandora doesn’t use any precious, rare stones or gems while making the jewelry or charms that you see. As for gold and silver usage, silver is used but not in huge quantities and gold is just the platted kind.  

The most expensive jewelry piece sold by Pandora is priced at 1400 dollars and is infused with gold plating. You can easily afford the jewelry here but the old Pandora Jewelry won’t be of any worth for that matter. 

Does Pandora Buy Back?

Every jewelry store or any retail store has a return policy and so does Pandora Jewelry. Once you get a piece of jewelry from Pandora, within 30 days of your purchase you can return the jewelry to any Pandora store with the receipt of your purchase along with it.

There is always a one-year warranty that comes with any piece of jewelry that you buy from here. You can get store credit for it but in order to return it, it has to be done within 30 days of your purchase. 

Does Pandora Jewelry Require Maintenance?

Every jewelry piece that you would have ever bought needs maintenance, may it be low or high. There is one given rule that you can’t just wear your jewelry in the pool or while showering. 

Don’t clean your Pandora jewelry with any harsh chemicals or detergents that are used on rigid surfaces. The use of lukewarm water and mild soap can suffice with the cleaning of your Pandora jewelry. 

And since the shiny appearance of the jewelry you get from here is chemically coated, keep it away from an extremely damp and hot environment. Even if the jewelry here is affordable, taking care can save you those extra bucks that you spend on shopping for jewelry every single time.

Pandora, in the present times, is still a go-to spot for getting the best quality and stylish jewelry that you could possibly want on a budget. 

Spending a whole lot of money on valuable jewelry can sure serve as an asset but if you are a savings person and want to balance it out every month, affordable options are definitely not a bad choice to go with.

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