Jewelry has been always important for both men and women whether it is for glamour or business purposes. Krementz Jewelry is also one of a kind jewelry type there is and for many reasons it is unique and can be valuable if you know what you are investing in.

Krementz is actually a brand that has been in the jewelry business for more than a century now. The brand originated in Newark, a city that is famous and known for three things: beer, leather, and jewelry. 

As time passed leather factories kind of vanished and so did the beer business but what remained was the impeccable jewelry business in existence. This is the same brand that still is in business and interesting fact that while Titanic sank, it had a whole lot of Krementz Jewelry on board so that is something worth noticing. 

The founder of the brand, George Krementz, decided to manufacture jewelry under this label along with his cousins. Although very soon this business collaboration dissolved and the main brains of the brand decided to go for a bigger building in New York City.

At first, the designer here started manufacturing buttons for men with which they used to fasten their cuffs and collar buttons or even on a coat. It was actually the collar buttons that made this brand famous and well known among the people at the time in the jewelry business as well.

At first, the buttons were manufactured with solid and later on the brand started manufacturing them with gold layers that have high gold volume in them. 

Is Krementz Jewelry Real Gold?

Krementz Jewelry is a well-known name in the jewelry world and for many reasons, it has been the number one retailer for people for many years now. You can easily find jewelry made out of real gold and at the same time, there are pieces that have a gold coating as well. 

In order to expand the business, this brand started to sell both types so that more and more customers would come in and have at a huge collection of jewelry. George Krementz had the idea to create jewelry that was fine and of great quality whether coated or solid gold so that everyone could see the best details on the pieces and experience the fine craftsmanship.

When Was Krementz Jewelry Made?

Krementz Jewelry goes way, way back and it has been almost more than a century now that it’s still a reliable source of jewelry for many people. It was founded in 1866 and the fact that you get to hear the interesting history about the brand like that of Titanic, getting jewelry from here just gets a tad more interesting. 

Is Krementz Jewelry Still In Business?

Unfortunately, the founder of the brand passed away at the age of 86 and since it was a family-run business, the brand was shut down in 2009 and sold to an internet company. You can still find some vintage pieces of Krementz Jewelry on the internet and at some retailers in your neighborhood. 

The vintage jewelry of Krementz is still worth it depending on the type of materials used in the jewelry. And if the jewelry pieces are really old, like from the 1900s, then you can get some good value for this vintage and dated jewelry. 

Was Krementz Jewelry Expensive?

Krementz was the kind of brand that has everything for everyone walking into the store. You would find real gold jewelry here as well and also gold plated jewelry of 14 and 12 karats gold on different materials. 

The prices of vintage jewelry by Krementz also depend on the type of materials you are dealing with. If you have a gold-plated piece on you, you should take it to an authentic jeweler, and then you can get a reasonable price for the piece you own. 

Selling jewelry is always profitable and if it is gold jewelry then it just gets better since gold in every era has served as a good asset. 

It is rare that you would have proper retailers selling Krementz Jewelry right now but if it is a vintage store that you are checking and for jewelry in specific then you can come across some vintage pieces by this brand. 

Vintage jewelry is nonetheless an interesting thing to have in your collection and if it is from an old brand like Krementz then that is a really good vintage look.  

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