Black hills gold jewelry is probably an iconic one in the jewelry world due to its unique design and rich history. The gold jewelry here is considered timeless and more like a unique type that stays in families for generations. 

This jewelry type is actually named after North American Great Plains which was also once inhabited by Native Americans. In 1874, a huge rush for gold was found when General George Armstrong Custer found it in the Black Hills. 

According to the legend, back in 1876, there was a French goldsmith known as Henri LeBeau who was in the search of gold in the Black Hills. He kept looking but couldn’t discover any and was actually lost during his journey. 

While stumbling upon it, he found some grapes in the unfamiliar area that eventually saved his life. After being saved he came back to his camp and felt grateful for making it. Later on, he started designing unique and beautiful jewelry that was intended to be good luck jewelry and was eventually named Black Hills Gold Jewelry. 

When the Black Hills were being mined there were also other valuable materials like silver that were obtained as well. But gold was something that reigned and at that time almost 50 million ounces of gold were mined from these hills. 

Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Actually Gold?

This gold was initially obtained during the gold rush period when everyone wanted to invest in it and many jewelry brands took part in the profit-making. Black Hills Gold Jewelry is very much real gold and the unique design is something that really sets it apart from the usual gold jewelry designs you see. 

Each design here that you see in bracelets or necklaces is unique and detailed with more than 1000 styles and shapes of leaves in it. The gold used in the jewelry is very real but to get the different colors in the jewelry different types of alloys are used with gold. 

So in order to get the green leaves in the jewelry design, the makers mix zinc and silver with gold and then you get the signature Black Hills Gold Jewelry. 

Black Hills Gold Jewelry has always been a stand-out product for jewelry lovers and for the right reasons. It is not very common that you see intricate designs, rich historical references, and beautiful colors in a piece of jewelry like this one. 

The designs are inclined toward grape clusters, grape leaves, and also grape vines within the gold as tri-colored. 

Is Black Hills Gold Jewelry Worth Anything?

Yes, because it has real gold in it and as for gold jewelry in general it always serves as a valuable addition to one’s collection. The jewelry here is made from 14, 18, and 24 Karat Gold which is different in proportion when mixed with different alloys. 

The jewelry prices here start from 700 dollars and they easily go up to 3000 dollars depending on the amount of gold used in a piece of jewelry. 

Some people, who already own this gold jewelry, remove the leaves on it and resell them as well. The leaves on the jewelry are removable but as they are made of mixed materials the prices would be according to the materials’ worth. 

How Can You Tell If Black Hills Gold Jewelry Is Real?

Black Hills Gold Jewelry is made out of real gold and there are specific sellers of it so one thing that you can keep in mind is that not everyone sells this type. This jewelry is stamped and even though the stamp on it is very small, you can always use a magnifying glass to take a look at it. 

Since the design of this type of jewelry is very intricate and detailed, taking care of it is a natural thing. Every type of jewelry tends to fade color and there is always dirt that could get stuck in the curves of the design. 

At home, you can always clean it with clear and warm water and after pat dry it with a soft paper towel. Try not to use any sharp or acidic cleaners that you normally use to clean rigid marks and surfaces. 

Keep your gold jewelry away from heat and by that, we mean excessive heat. 

You can still buy Black Hills Gold Jewelry and there are also some vintage collections available of it so that would be interesting as well. 

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