There are very few companies that have held their ground in the market and are literally popular ever since they were founded. The same case goes for Avon which started off as a perfume brand in 1886. 

The brand was founded by David H. McConnell also founded the New York-based company California Perfume Company. He opened this company with the help of a smart and clever businesswoman known as Persis Foster. 

The founder of this company was a huge supporter of women’s empowerment and so he developed a multi-level marketing business that would support women with a vision. This kind of business model helped women to work for themselves by selling toiletries and perfumes to many women across the United States. 

The brand was later on renamed Avon Products in 1938 and it started selling jewelry and other accessories in 1963. The business that started off as door-to-door service, expanded to a huge cosmetics organization. 

This business model used to have a business slogan called “Avon Calling” which was meant for the Avon lady salesperson that wielded a lot of the products for the company. Coming back to how Avon jewelry became a thing that was not always for sale at first. 

At first, the brand used to market its jewelry by sending it to consumers as a free gift along with a purchase of a product. And also when a consumer used to purchase a certain amount of products from Avon, they used to get jewelry as a compliment.

In 1965, the brand Avon used to sell a lot of jewelry but again it was always with toiletries and perfume packages. The brand properly launched its first-ever jewelry collection in 1967 and it was called the Precious Pretenders. 

This new jewelry collection had necklaces and clip-on earrings that had these beautiful rhinestones and metal molds designed delicately to suit the jewelry. Some of the jewelry was also gold plated which gave it a unique and attractive look. 

The jewelry designed here was meant to be costume jewelry and people quickly became fond of it since the brand was already popular among the majority. By 1971, Avon started to keep a separate section for its jewelry in the catalog and in the stores as well. 

The popularity of this brand’s jewelry line was real and by 1975 Avon became the world’s largest costume jewelry manufacturer. Along with the initial jewelry line, the brand expanded the collection and you could find a whole lot of variety for both men and women. 

Along with bracelets, broaches, pins, earrings, necklaces, watches, and so much more for women you can also find jewelry for men like cufflinks, watches, and rings. Halloween jewelry was immensely popular here along with vintage jewelry that appealed to a lot of women.

There would be a whole lot of women consumers who loved to indulge in vintage jewelry. These were the women with high sentiment and were always found in the romantic perfume line of this brand. 

Did Avon Ever Make Real Jewelry?

Yes, Avon used and still makes real jewelry. For example, you can always find sterling silver jewelry here that would be marked indicating that it is real silver. The old collections of the jewelry here still hold good value in the vintage market and you would get a good price selling it if you are planning on to. 

Are Avon Diamonds Real?

Yes, according to the brand, it sources the precious stones from Africa and they are cut in India. The purchasing of diamonds here is made through authentic and trusted sources that are conflict-free and are in accordance with United States resolutions. 

The jewelry is definitely expensive here but other than diamonds and precious stones, this brand can be categorized as an affordable luxury. 

How Much Is Avon Jewelry Worth?

Avon jewelry is pretty old in the business and the prices can differ from the kind of jewelry that you are looking for. The jewelry pieces here are priced anywhere between 150 dollars to 500 dollars. 

It all depends on what kind of jewelry and what type of design and stones are being used in that jewelry piece. Now, this price range is not specifically for diamond jewelry because that can easily go up to thousands of dollars. 

Avon is definitely a brand that you can shop from since there is no scam or bad quality here. It is one of the trusted brands in the market known for its style and trendy collections of jewelry. 

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