Have you ever experienced swimming in a pool filled with soft water beads? Water beads are polymer-made multi-colored small balls that grow a hundred times their original size when submerged in water.

These beads come in all sorts of colors. They can be used to teach children about absorption and improve scientific thinking abilities such as observations and predictions in them.

As these are very tiny balls so the question that arises in our minds is how many water beads can fill a pool. Well, about 600,000 water beads are required to fill an average size water pool. Large pools need more. A 168-gallon pool is filled with 2,688 cups of water.

So, if we divide this by 72 cups that is the amount one 4 Orbeez bag supplies. Therefore, we need 37 bags of Orbeez to fill this pool and enjoy it to the fullest. 

How many water beads fill a gallon?

According to the information taken from the Orbeez website, 100 dried water beads produce one cup of 240 milliliters of fully hydrated Orbeez. As there are 16 cups in a gallon, 1600 water beads fill a gallon.

Similarly, for a 42-gallon tub, 67,200 water beads are needed to fill a standard-sized bathtub. 

How many water beads do I need?

First, add 1-2 cups of water into the container, then add 1-2 tablespoons of water beads into it. After that allow 6-8 hours for the water beads to absorb the water in the container.

Smaller water beads take less time to grow and will be ready for play and enjoyment in less than a day. Whereas, larger beads take up to 36 hours to be prepared.  

How long do water beads last for?

Water beads can be conserved almost indefinitely if they are kept in an airtight environment with low humidity. Usually, Water beads last for about two weeks. After this period, they shrink up and dehydrate themselves.

But if these are exposed to light in a vase for decorative purposes, then they last for approximately 1-2 years. If mixed in the soil, they stay for a long period of 7-9 years as a source to retain moisture. 

How much water do I add to 1000 Orbeez?

Water beads and Orbeez are the same. Orbeez is simply the registered brand for the product and water beads are the all-encompassing version.

Both are made of the same material, a polymer which is super absorbent and biodegradable and increases in size as it absorbs water. 

Each Orbeez color seed pack is served with 1000 multi-colored Orbeez seeds to grow. To hydrate your Orbeez seeds, you will have to pour some of the seeds into a bowl of water and watch them magically rise right before your eyes.

In about four hours, your active seeds will become juicy and grown Orbeez. For 100 Orbeez, it is recommended to use 1 cup of water that contains 240 mL of warm water.

So if we are given 1000 Orbeez, then 10 cups of water are required. It is very important to use a sufficient quantity of water as Orbeez soak up the water as they assemble and expand in the bowl.

Moreover, if you wish to keep this lovely Orbeez for a long time then add a pinch of salt to the water. You can preserve this amount of Orbeez for multiple purposes. These can be used for party decorations, can be planted, and used as candle holders and flower holders. 


Water beads are made of a combination of water and a water-absorbing polymer and can last for approximately 1-2 years. When dry water beads are drenched in water, they fill up and enhance just like a sponge. 

Nearly 600,000 water beads and 37 bags of Orbeez fill a medium-sized pool. Almost 1600 water beads fill a gallon and 67,200 are required for a bathtub. 

Moreover, 1-2 tablespoons of water beads are needed to get soaked in 1-2 cups of water and 10 cups of water are essential for 1000 Orbeez.

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