Tank tops are one of the best clothing options that you can wear in summer to stay cool and beat the heat.

Both men and women prefer to wear tank tops in summer to feel comfy while looking stylish.

But there is one issue that many people who like to wear tank tops are facing. Most people hate that their tank top is too long for them to wear especially if they are not tall.

So why are the tank tops so long?

You can use tank tops for layering and wear them under another shirt.

Long tank tops can be worn under a cardigan, sweatshirt, or any other shirt to customize your outfit or uniform that is too plain and boring.

Most girls like to wear colorful tank tops under black shirts.

People tend to buy long tank tops for more coverage.

You can wear long tank tops with shorts, leggings, and tight-fitting pants, and also if you want your tank top to give you more coverage.

We were not able to find an exact reason for them being long.

What to Do if Your Tank Top Is Too Long?

You can alter your tank top if you don’t like the size or length of your tank top like it is too long or if it does not fit your body perfectly.

You can make alterations at home if you have a sewing machine and know how to use it or you can ask your tailor to shorten the length of your tank top as per your requirements.

You can also try buying tank tops in petite sizes and see if they are the right fit for you. Because a tank top should hang right below your belt loops and it would not look good enough if it is longer than that.

If you don’t want to cut your long tank top or get it altered, you can just tuck the unwanted fabric in your jeans or pants or you can try to style your tank top in different ways to make it look cool or cute.

And if you are not afraid to ruin your tank top and are willing to take risks, you can try DIY hacks to make your long tank top shorter. There are a ton of DIY hacks to alter a tank top at home.

What Is the Origin of Tank Tops?

In the early twenties, women wore tank suits that were like one-piece bathing suits in tanks and swimming pools. Tank tops are named after these tank suits worn in swimming pools in the 1920s.

In the late twenties, American people started wearing tank tops for fashion and athletes also preferred to wear tank tops as they are more comfortable and cooler than other shirts and tops.

Tank tops have many different names in different places and it is called a wife beater too. The name wife beater has a story behind it and most people still call tank tops wife beaters.

Now in the USA or Canada, sleeveless shirts that can be worn casually are called tank tops. Tank tops do not usually have buttons or button holes, collars, and pockets. Tank tops come in various shapes and sizes.

Tank tops can be worn by both men and women. There is a slight difference between tank tops for men and women as men’s tank tops have large neck holes as compared to women’s tank tops.

Even though tank tops are best suited for summer and are athletes’ favorite, there are still restrictions to the places where you can wear tank tops.

Tank tops are usually worn at home or gyms or other casual places but you can’t wear a tank top to your workplace as an outer garment whether you are a man or a woman.

You can only wear a tank top as an undergarment to your work. You might look unprofessional if you wear a tank top as an outer garment at your job.

No matter how warm the weather is, it is not appropriate to wear tank tops to workplaces or job interviews.

What Is the Difference Between a Camisole and a Tank Top?

Tank tops and camisoles look the same and many people can’t differentiate between a camisole and a tank top because of their similarities.

However, they are not the same and are worn in different ways. The simplest way to differentiate between a tank top and a camisole is to check their straps.

The straps of tank tops are wider as compared to the straps of camisoles. Camisoles have straps that may look like spaghetti or noodles because they are very thin.

Tank tops are worn as an outer garment but camisoles are mostly worn as an undergarment. However, nowadays some people like to wear it as an outer garment too during hot weather.

Different Types of Tank Tops

There are many different types of tank tops. Tank tops have been in fashion for many years and you might not even know about some of these types of tank tops. So, let’s look at some of the common types of tank tops.

The most popular type of tank top is the athletic tank top. Athletic tank tops are specifically designed to be durable, comfortable, and stretchable for people who play sports and do workouts. 

The other most popular type is basic white tank tops. Basic white tank tops can be found in almost everyone’s clothing. You can wear them in summer and also in winter under sweaters and jackets.

The best thing about basic white tank tops is that you can match them with any pair of pants or shorts found in your wardrobe. It is easy to style them and they can be worn for many different occasions

There are also muscle tank tops. Muscle tank tops are usually worn by gym enthusiasts who like to show off their muscles. 


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