Disney is without a doubt the most popular and exciting place to visit for everyone. Going to Disney world and experiencing the water rides, amusement parks, and not to mention Disney characters is a dream come true for every human being.

For excitement purposes, picking out what you have to wear to Disney World can be a bit tough. But you have to be logical about your clothes and essentials when it comes to the weather in the month that you’re going to experience.

Planning a vacation, in general, can be a whole lot of stress and no one loves it. Booking flights and hotel rooms, what activities and how you are going to manage the day so a lot goes into that. 

There is so much going on this time of the year in Disney since the holidays are around as well. November is the best month to have a getaway to Disney with your friends or family.

There is a whole schedule of activities that starts right off. October and goes on for the entire winter. For example, you have Columbus Day on the weekends, there’s Halloween, then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner as well. 

So visiting Disney World in November doesn’t sound shabby at all. You see Disney characters dressed for the holiday season and the food here is also holiday themed so technically it is a win for children and adults both.

Weather In November In Disney World

The weather here during this month is ideal because people from colder areas would love to spend some time in the sun that is comfortable and breathable. 

The days here are warmer and the highs in the temperature that you would experience here would be more than the 80s and nothing more than that. But do not let that fool you because the early mornings and the nights can be a bit chilly too. 

So, technically Disney World is all fun but you have to be careful with the packing because that’s where it gets tricky. There is mixed weather so you need a bit of everything with you.

No heavy clothing or anything but considering that if you are sensitive won’t be a bad idea too. The first half of November is warm but nothing too crazy. At the same time, the last days of November can be a bit cooler so you can do the math.

What To Wear In Daytime To Disney World In November?

If you are visiting Disney in summer then the choice you have is pretty much as few layers as possible. Most people go for tank tops and crop tees and with jeans shorts or joggers and that would do the trick.

Short sleeve shirts can be the ideal pick during the daytime and pair them with shorts if you feel extra hot. Wearing a cap to protect your vision can work too on a bright sunny day along with a pair of sneakers because you are going to be walking a lot. 

Make sure that your sneakers are breathable and if you want you can also wear comfortable sandals as well. Carry a light jacket or an overall light shirt to keep away the sun and generally, you should always reapply your sunscreen too.

What To Wear In Night Time To Disney World In November?

Nights are pretty cool so layering up your clothes is always a wise thing to do. So carry a jacket be it denim or some other material that you think is comfortable to wear and keeps you warm as well.

Make sure that you wear a scarf and socks so that you don’t get frostbite. There are certainly some fancy restaurants at Disney World so make sure that you pack a dress or two and some formal wear for men as well.

Wear boots or sneakers for the long walks and pair them with pants or guff jogger pants to keep warm and comfortable.

Other Things To Pack

Going to Disney World sounds very exciting and it is certainly but you can’t miss your essentials in the midst of it. Clothes are important but there are some other essentials as well that can save you a lot of time and money.

  • Sunblock of SPF 30 or more so that there’s protection from the sun.
  • Boots, sneakers, and comfortable sandals.
  • Casual and a bit formal jewelry.
  • Sunglasses and a sun hat or cap.
  • A water bottle for essential hydration.
  • Your skin care kit with your cleansers and moisturizer.
  • Prescribed medication.
  • Lightweight jacket and a shawl for the cold nights. 

Final Verdict

There are certain things that you have to be careful of while visiting Disney World because it is a busy time during November. Book your hotel rooms and flights in advance because you don’t want to be stuck in the rush.

Do pack your Disney-themed shirts with you because here you are going to get them at an expensive rate as compared to retail prices. The same goes for the accessories but if you want to buy them anyway, make sure you have saved up.

Disney World itself has a set of rules that you should check out before planning the trip. Once you are done with Disney World, there is so much that you can explore in Florida.

The beaches and the different attractions can draw a person in so do prepare for that as well. Do remember the COVID guidelines where ever you go or are planning to go for your next trip because safety is crucial in these times. 

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