People taking a cruise trip are mostly when they just want to get out of the cold and chilly environments back home. Warm weather cruise trips make sense but if you happen to take a cruise trip in December and that too a Caribbean cruise, you would need to do serious packing.

One of the most popular seasons, when you can take a cruise trip in the Caribbean, is around winter, during the December holiday season, and the spring break. Even though you might be heading towards a tropical location you still can’t deny that it is December.

The busy season is usually the warm months like from May to August. Ideal deals that you can get on a Caribbean cruise are around November and December.

Most destinations of a Caribbean cruise include the southern side like Curacao and Aruba. If you have been taking the Caribbean cruise frequently in the past, you would know that during December it usually gets high in Aruba. 

You can expect the temperature to be above 80 Fahrenheit. So while booking this cruise and knowing that the destination is going to be southern islands in the Caribbean like Aruba,  you would need to pack accordingly.

Weather In Caribbean Cruise In December

Caribbean cruise as compared to others in December is relatively tolerable weather-wise. The average high temperature that you can experience here is 28 C and the average low goes to 23C.

In Bermuda or the Bahamas, the temperature tends to be cooler than this. Although in the Caribbean, there are still chances of hurricanes and storms in December that is a rarity as well. 

It also kind of depends on where the cruise is going to take you so you need to be prepared for the mixed weather. Overall the temperature on a Caribbean cruise is a lot more friendly than that of the north side so you are going to be safe at best.

What To Wear In Daytime On A Caribbean Cruise In December?

Days are going to be sunny and the perfect amount of sun for the perfect tan is going to be there. You need to carry as many cute and fun swimsuits as you can carry. 

Carry a light beachy shirt with a pair of shorts with some flip-flops for the best cruise daytime experience. 

A big sun hat would not only look great but also you can always use it as a shade for yourself. Wear a pair of shades during the day as it would help with the bright day and excessive sun exposure. 

If you are going to travel to a cold location you might want to pack a jacket with some jeans or cargo pants in order to stay warm during the day as well. 

You can always switch in clothing but it is best that you are prepared for every kind of weather while taking a cruise trip.

What To Wear In Night Time On A Caribbean Cruise In December?

The temperature on a Caribbean cruise during the evenings is pretty normal and a bit cold but pleasant. You can wear your cargo pants during the night with a light linen shirt. 

Dinner time on a cruise is usually fancy and you have to dress according to the occasion. Pack a three-piece suit for men and a nice dress for the perfect classy look.

If you feel cold, you can always wear an overall or a shawl on a dress. A pair of heels with some decent jewelry would also look amazing on an evening cruise. 

Make sure that you wear some nice boots that compliment your suit as well, prefer lace boots instead of simple ones.

You can also carry other accessories like fragrances and a matching mini bag for the perfect dinner plans on a Caribbean cruise. 

Other Things To Pack:

While being on a Caribbean cruise, since you have to be mindful of the weather in different locations as well, there is a lot you would need to pack. 

December in general on a Caribbean cruise is okay so really don’t have to think of heavy clothes or stuff. But since there are islands like Aruba, you need some sun protection and a lot of their essentials.

  • A beach and pool attire.
  • A light sweater for the evenings.
  • A nice pair of shoes and suits for men.
  • Pack a fancy yet classy dress with a pair of heels too.
  • Keep flip-flops for the beachy vibes.
  • Sunglasses and sunblock above SPF 30.
  • Poncho and raincoat for the rainy days (if it happens). 
  • Casual clothes are a must.

Final Verdict:

Other than some essentials you can always expect the ships to be centrally air-conditioned overall so you might consider that as well.

You can wear a tank top too but we would recommend going for a shirt, casual but something that covers you with the cool environment. During December, since you are going to be on the sea, it might get more moist than usual.

So taking care of your skin is essential. While picking out a swimsuit, make sure that it is the nicest one because with everything fancy on a cruise you don’t want to be left out. 

In order to keep your swimsuit in a good shape until you open your bags on the cruise, pack them carefully. You can tuck them in a towel and stuff them in a tote or a plastic zip lock bag. 

This way they won’t lose shape and there won’t be any wrinkles on them as well.

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