According to many travel aficionados, the ideal time to visit Vegas is during the spring break, namely from March to May.

This is because, during the summer, the temperatures skyrocket to upwards of 100 degrees celsius, and the winter months become very crowded due to an influx of tourists.

Vegas also plays host to a variety of conventions that can also drive up hotel bookings.

So, make sure you consult the city’s tourism board convention schedule before making any reservations.

May is also the month when one of the biggest music awards is conducted in Vegas.

The Billboard Music Awards take place on May 16th every year and feature appearances and performances by the biggest artists worldwide. If you are into music, attendance is a no-brainer.

The World Series of Poker also kicks off right at the end, on May 31st, and it brings with it many celebrities looking to try their hand at a few quick bucks.

Avid fans of poker will undoubtedly find this event a very lucrative prospect.

A number of exciting holidays also occur in May. The festivities kick off with Cinco De Mayo on the 5th and bring with it the chance to experience Mexican culture firsthand.

Next up is the Electric Daisy Carnival, which passes through the city in mid-May, and Memorial Day ensures the month signs off on a high.

Overall, May is a very busy month for both residents and tourists in Vegas.

Vegas’ Weather in May (In Fahrenheit and Celsius)

Situated in the heart of the Mojave Desert in Nevada, Las Vegas tends to have a dry climate year-round, with bright, sunny days dominating most of the calendar.

The winter months bring with them a significant dip in temperatures.

In light of these facts, May is considered the best time to visit Vegas, as it sees the city surrounded by breathtakingly clear skies and pleasantly warm temperatures.

You can be confident that you won’t be faced with any unexpected downpours of rain as well since Vegas sees its fair share of rain in March.

The days are also longer, up to 14 hours long, so you can experience the city in daylight for the maximum duration of your stay.

Las Vegas is blessed with almost 300 days of sunlight annually, so it makes it a desirable tourist destination all year round.

The temperatures in May involve a low of 66 F (19 C) and a high of 91 F (32 C).

May is when Vegas starts to get traces of the extremely hot weather that accompanies the summer.

As such, the average daytime temperature is almost always over 70 F (21 C), but as night falls, so does the temperature, to around 16 F (16 C).

What to wear for daytime activities in Vegas?

Vegas offers a smorgasbord of activities for travel enthusiasts to engage in throughout their stay.

And to accompany these varied activities, you also need a vast wardrobe to suit the different styles.

The sweltering Vegas sun requires you to give a great amount of thought to what you wear during the day.

Pool Parties:

Swimming is a very popular activity in Vegas, partly owing to the constant heat.

People often plan trips to the numerous public pools situated throughout the city or throw pool parties of their own, spending time with their families and enjoying a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water.

A swimsuit and a coverup are the perfect attire for such picnics.


Adventurous folk might be mesmerized by the many hiking trails that Vegas has to offer, spanning from mountainous valleys to state parks and forests.

A tank top is the best apparel for this type of intensive activity, offering comfort and a reprieve from the heat.

Walking the Vegas Strip:

Just strolling through the Vegas Strip is an exciting activity, owing to the dozens of hotels and street entertainers you will encounter.

Flats, sandals, or sneakers to keep your feet comfortable for a long walk, couples with rompers, skirts, or shorts are the order of the day for these leisurely walks.

What to wear for nighttime activities in Vegas?

The nightlife of Vegas is an experience that almost all travel enthusiasts include on their bucket list.

Flashy neon signs, casinos, and mesmerizing street lights give nighttime Vegas a fabulous personality that makes you immediately fall in love with the city.

After the sun sets, the heat eases out a bit, and so you have to deal with dressing yourself appropriately for both your plans and the weather.


Everyone fantasizes about winning a sizeable fortune at one of the numerous Vegas casinos.

But before you try your luck, you need to look the part.

A sweeping, sequined gown with heels paired with matching jewelry is precisely the kind of elegant dress that is a common sight at these gambling dens.


This is what Vegas is known for: clubs, rave parties, and drinking all night long.

And as such, it calls for the wildest looks you can bust out of your wardrobe.

Neon colors, sequins, glitzy clothes, and even feathers are all allowed.

And if you are in the pursuit of a partner, you can even opt for tight-fitting jumpsuits or even lacy LBDs.


Foodies among you can indulge in the luxurious dining experience in Vegas hotels, with gourmet cuisine prepared by some of the world’s best chefs.

These hotels require classy outfits to match their food, so dresses or rompers paired with heels are suitable.


Concerts and music festivals go a long way to make the city more lively, and many world-renowned musicians conduct shows in Vegas due to its vibrant crowd.

Cocktail clothes are the go-to choice for these events, but you can also wear formal gowns or a chic top with your flashiest pants.

Other Things You Should Pack for a May holiday in Vegas:

Apart from dressing up your best, there are a few other things that are a must-carry on a trip to Vegas in May.

Do not forget to carry a:

  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Chapstick
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Ear Plugs
  • Power bank


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