So if you have finally decided to go to Las Vegas that too in December you need to be fully prepared because it does get nippy too. You don’t have to pack the whole house or prepare for the cold storm but winters in Vegas do require some attention.

Vegas is in a desert so the weather acts accordingly throughout the year. It is known for getting hot too but winters are no joke either. 

There is so much that you can enjoy during your stay in Vegas during this time of the year especially. It’s the holiday season in December so there is a lot to explore in a month. 

Weather In Vegas In December

You get to experience more refreshing weather in Vegas in December as compared to the hot months. It never gets like freezing cold or anything so basically, you have a good time overall.

Most days in December are clear, warm, and dry. The nights here though, in the entertainment capital can be a bit cold relatively.

December here can be taken as pleasant spring-type weather, especially for people who are visiting from the northern states of the world. 

The average high temperature during December is 14 to 16 degrees Celsius. The early mornings are cold and also the evenings as compared to the day. 

The climate overall is dry and just like a desert area, there are chances of rainfalls as well. The daylight during this time in Vegas lasts for 9 hours only so the weather is cold on average.

As the month of December progresses here the temperature starts to drop so if you are visiting Vegas in early December, the weather is going to be a lot more pleasant. 

The average high in early December here is 16 degrees Celsius as compared to the end of the month, which is 14 degrees Celsius.

The afternoons are sunny and warm here as compared to the evenings that are chilly. You might also be able to witness snow I’m Vegas, a bit, but that is also very rare to happen in a desert area.

You don’t really have to worry about snow here although you might see some of it on the nearby mountain which is 45 mins drive away from the city. 

Rainfalls happen very rarely in Vegas so if you happen to catch one it would probably happen during December. December is a wetter month rain-wise as compared to others but most days here are rainy free so you won’t ruin your trip at all. 

Typically there is a bit of drizzle or a light pour but it happens for more than an hour. So you can just head to a casino, area15, or to a pleasant afternoon show as well. 

What To Wear During Daytime In Vegas In December?

You can keep it light and nothing too heavy since it is bright and sunny during the daytime. You might want to carry a waterproof jacket just in case it rains. 

If you are going out in the early morning then you might need to put on a jacket since early mornings here are a bit cold. Dress up in layers because as the day progresses, you can easily take off the jacket and keep it cool with a light sweatshirt or a tank top too.

Always make sure that you keep your sunglasses and sunblock with you while you are out during the daytime because it is as important as anything else. 

You would also feel comfortable in a half sleeves shirt but during a December trip to Vegas, you preferably should carry long sleeve shirts. Pair these with a pair of jeans or shorts for the daytime. 

What To Wear During Nighttime In Vegas In December?

Nights here are going to be chilly without a doubt so you better pack for that as well. Make sure that you carry a jacket with you that is warm or wear a plain sweater and that would do the job alright.

Some high-end casinos, bars, and restaurants have a dress code so make sure that you pack your formal clothes as well. 

Pack a pair of fine jewelry with some fancy shoes and you would be all set to enjoy a fun evening in Vegas in December while keeping yourself warm. 

Other Things To Pack:

Make sure that you always carry a small yet spacious bag of your essentials with you every time you feel like going on a trip. The weather here is dry in December in general which is like a classic of winters.

Here are a few essentials you need to carry with you. 

  • Sunblock and a pair of sunglasses for the daytime.
  • Some nice fancy heels for women and boots for men.
  • Pair of formal clothes for men and women.
  • Jacket for rain and also a warm one.
  • Sneakers and socks for the evenings.
  • Sweaters and cardigans.

Final Verdict:

There is so much going on this time of the year in Vegas because every location is open and all the shows are running consistently. We would not recommend you to go to the pool in December here since the temperature does drop and is not ideal for swimming.

Try to book a hotel in early December since the prices increase near Christmas time. You can always mix and match your clothing depending on the type of weather you get to experience. 

You don’t have to go to expensive casinos to get the best Vegas experience because it is a pretty wild and fun Vegas all over the place. 

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