January is here and it is officially the coldest season of the year. This means that there is going to be a lot of hot chocolate and warm clothing everywhere but that is not the case in Tampa, Florida.

Unless you are planning a trip to Tampa in January, it is said to be the mildest month when it comes to cold weather. Florida, necessarily, does not really follow the weather as that of other states in the United States. And this rule also applies to Tampa. 

It can get chilly just a tad but it is nothing in comparison to the cold in New York or the neighborhood of Georgia. So basically what you get here is a mix of weather with some good sunny days and some chilly, but nothing over the top, days. 

Weather In Tampa In January

Cold is normally not a big deal at all and you can tell by looking at the locals and how they react to it. The cool season hardly lasts for like two and half months and that is from December to mid of February.

The average high temperature that you experience in January here is 74 Fahrenheit and the low goes to a maximum low of 54 Fahrenheit or the high of 71 Fahrenheit. 

So you don’t really have to worry about just packing up everything. The weather is a bit unexpected though rainfalls happen every now and then and you should be prepared for that. 

The overall temperature of Tampa is kind of balmy so when it rains the temperature drops down to 20 degrees Celsius. Which can be a bit chilly but nothing big, again. 

What To Wear During Daytime In Tampa In January?

Daytime is going to be fun for you since it is bright but you rarely feel the breeze and it’s simply easy to breathe. This kind of weather is ideal for people who are literally here from some Arctic level of cold temperatures.

If you are going to walk around a lot then you need some comfortable and breathable shoes so that you don’t sweat either. If you are planning to visit the wildlife parks then these comfortable shoes are going to get so far.

Carry a light jacket or a vest with you with a sweatshirt on, just in case the weather temperature drops. You can wear shorts during the day but if it gets a bit chilly you can always try cargo pants of light cotton since they are not too warm nor made entirely for summers.

Always remember that you should pack a long pair of pants with a heavy to the almost lightweight jacket so that you can tackle the mixed weather. 

For the daytime especially, prefer to put on neutral colors, not the ones that stick out like a sore thumb. There is no fashion policing here in Tampa but since it is cold then you might as well look good in what the weather demands. 

What To Wear During Nighttime In Tampa In January?

Nighttime pretty much sorts out itself given that the temperature drops and you know that you have to be careful with the clothing. Later up a couple of light warm clothes like a top and vest or jacket on top. 

Even though it is night there are still chances that it might rain out of nowhere so you need to watch out for that. And one thing, if you own a pair of white pants, just try not to wear them during the night.

You always give them a shot in the daytime but opt for something more graceful for the evenings. Always wear a scarf and a hat if you feel extra chilly with the rain and temperature dropping, even more, all of a sudden.

Put together some dark colors and if you want to stick to the neutrals that is best too. Always carry a fancy suit or two for both men and women and if you have children on the trip get them something nice and polished-looking as well.

Your best pick would be to carry a raincoat or a waterproof jacket that can really help with the rainy weather. 

What Else To Pack?

There is a fine line between carrying everything from home on a trip or just aiming for the essentials so that you don’t burden yourself. There are things that you can buy so always carry the essentials that you are comfortable with and won’t probably be able to adapt to the new version of them in a new place. 

  • Comfortable shoes are a must.
  • A pair of jeans or pants that can keep you warm.
  • Sunglasses for the daytime and some sunblock too.
  • Rain jacket or coat.
  • A formal dress or two.
  • Some jewelry and your skin care products.

Final Verdict:

One thing that you can’t miss out on is the humidity factor in Tampa that makes it colder during January. So that would affect what kind of skin care you should pack and just keep it light with the clothes, even the warm ones. 

Although the good news is that the weather in Tampa, even in January, is the kind in which you can naturally tan. So just remember to pack your bikinis and be ready to tan but don’t be excessive and always apply sunscreen for extra protection. 

The main attractions here are the theme parks and the wildlife ones as well. You can visit them during the day although theme parks are open all the time till almost midnight. It is a busy month in Tampa this time of the year so better book your tickets in advance. 

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