So you are planning a vacation to Arizona but do remember to visit Sedona because that is a must-visit place. The place is excellent to visit any time of the year honestly but March is when you get to have fun.

March is when the temperatures are moderate here and that is important especially if you’re up for doing some activities. Sedona is located 30 miles south of Flagstaff that is right between the big canyons.

There is a water flow alongside the canyon which makes it the perfect place to have a farm which is still surprising because it is in the middle of a desert. 

March is a busy month given if you would be travelling here for vacation. Crowds daily are pretty much reasonable here but once you get to the weekends there is an apparent jam pack in traffic as well. 

So before you decide which restaurant you want to go to make sure that you secure a parking spot. The first two weeks of March are peaceful as compared to the last two since it is the beginning of spring break for high schoolers and college students.

If you want to go somewhere, the best case would be if you make plans for the weekdays as compared to weekends. Places are filled with people and again finding a good parking spot is no joke at all. 

Weather In Sedona In March

Well, March is the best month to visit here for a reason as you get to experience pleasant weather and it is windy. Since it is just right after cold months then the first three weeks are going to be like spring if you are from somewhere that has freezing temperatures in March as well.

The average high temperature here daily is 18 degrees Celsius and in the early mornings, you would experience 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. On average if you visit other places in Arizona, you would see that Sedona feels much cooler than other places. 

You can also expect rain to happen once every week so overall the weather here is pretty under control. The last week of March can be a bit warm but that also depends on what you are doing because while hiking you are going to feel it.

From morning to night the weather progresses smoothly but with a slight change. Early mornings are chilly and since you are in a desert it is going to be cold in the nighttime.

To your surprise, there is also a chance of snow in the early mornings. During the daytime, since it is warm, even if there is snow it would melt off pretty quickly. And this happens only at the start of the month here in Sedona.

What To Wear In Daytime To Sedona In March?

Layering up is the best thing you could do since it’s not too hot nor too cold during the daytime. You can go in shorts and a breathable cotton tee or shirt. 

If you are going to hike, then wear your hiking boots and clothing like full sleeves light breathable shirts with shorts or comfortable jeans or pants. 

Do remember to carry your raincoat or jacket that does the trick as well. You don’t want to wear anything warm or too thick because it is pleasant enough that it doesn’t feel cold either. 

And since you are going to layer up, you can always have the jackets or shawls as a second option throughout the day. For early mornings, you might want to put on your jacket for that cool breeze. 

What To Wear In Night Time To Sedona In March?

Nights here are pretty predictable so you won’t have any problems packing for this time. It is time to put on the jacket that has been hanging around on your hip or in your big tote bag. 

Carry your scarf or shawl with you for that extra layer of warm clothes and the shawl would work perfectly with a dress in case you go somewhere fancy. By the end of the month the weather is more tolerable so might want to ditch the scarf and just go with the jacket and just layer up.

Other Things To Pack

The weather is not unpredictable here because the transition from colder months to March and the fact it is in a desert makes it easy to pack your stuff. Although you do need your essentials and wherever you go, some of them are going to be a constant.

Depending on the type of weather and the activities you plan to do in Sedona during your stay, here are some essentials you need to pack;

  • SPF for your skin is a must during the day and do apply SPF infused lip balm as well.
  • Hiking boots or sneakers. 
  • Hat or a cap for the day.
  • Comfortable sandals or shoes.
  • Waterproof jacket and one to cover up for the cold weather.
  • Your skin care products.
  • Sunglasses are a must.

Final Verdict

Sedona is probably the best place to spend your vacation time. There is so much you can do here and do we need to mention the theme parks and the Grand Canyon that is a sight you shoot not miss while you are in Arizona.

Do book your flights in advance and you might get a discount during January or February as well. Because the prices are high during March and there is a lot you still have to cover so better be careful. 

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