So you have finally decided where you want to go on a vacation this year and it landed on Kauai. You can’t be more excited because everything about this place screams fun and adventure but you have to keep in mind that it is January and things might be a bit different than the rest of the year.

You should be packing everything that you might need because you don’t want to be one of those people who are like ‘I wish I brought this or why did I forget it?’.

One might think that since you are visiting in January you need to pack heavy but that is not the case. Kauai is known for having hot weather throughout the year and January is no exception. 

You can visit the beaches here and have fun like you are supposed to at a tropical location. There is so much to explore here and you would be needing to check into the hotel a bit in advance. 

Summer is exactly the time most people visit Kauai but fear not. During the summer season, the hotel prices are affordable because that is the season.

January can have high prices and since it is also a warm month here so make sure that you are ready for it. The place is also less crowded so you can see that it is not as in demand as it would be in summers. 

If you want to enjoy a tad of coolness in Kauai you should be here around holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Weather In Kauai In January

January is warm here in Kauai which is not a surprise because the weather remains the same throughout the year. It is cold but you can easily walk around in your shorts as well. 

The daily average high temperature that you experience here is 73 F which is still pleasant. And for the month’s sake, it does get cold but that is more like an idea because the low temperature is hardly 53 F which is not bad or extremely chilly.

It is a beach and the weather here remains warm. From December to January you do see temperature dropping but locals here still love to hang out by the beach. 

Do except rainfalls quite often during this month because this month is known for most rainfalls and the second comes December. Remember to pack your waterproof things more than anything else.

What To Wear In Daytime To Kauai In January?

The weather here is very typical so you need to pack light and in layers as well. You won’t need to wear jeans because they can get a bit warm and humid so instead pack your breathable pants.

You can wear your pants with a tank top and a beach tee as well and remember to wear flip-flops or slippers on this island during the daytime. Do carry your waterproof jacket with you all the time though because you never know when it’s going to rain. 

The ocean is cool too but during the daytime, the warm day keeps it pleasant to take a dip with a nice bathing suit on. 

What To Wear In Night Time To Kauai In January?

Nights are pleasant here and with the winter season at its peak, relative to the rest of the warm months, you do feel a tad cold here. Although the locals here would like to disagree with you and you can see people swimming in the evening as well.

It does get a tad chilly so you need to wear a fleece jacket to make sure that you don’t catch a cold after spending time on the beach. You can also put on a classic beach dress at night that vibes with this island.

To not catch a cold, you can pair it with leggings or simple stockings would work too. Always carry a cute flared dress for a night out and wear your comfortable shoes as sneakers or sandals could work too.

You can also pack your light pants or khakis and since most of the dining experience is a bit casual you won’t need to overdress. 

Other Things To Pack

There is always something that goes missing or you forget to pack while packing. So just to be careful you have to pack your essentials in a different small bag so that it is more accessible and it keeps the tracking easy. 

You are going to an island and for that, there have to be different kinds of things that you would need to pack. Skincare is different and with the environment, you need to check in with your allergies and everything.

  • Pack your skin care products.
  • SPF 30 or above for the sun exposure.
  • Hiking boots.
  • Sandals and sneakers, breathable ones.
  • A hat for the beach and a hand towel. 
  • A big beach towel for drying up.
  • Mosquito repellent for the night.
  • Your allergy medication and other products.

Final Verdict

While you are visiting Kauai, make sure that you pack products that are environmentally friendly as well. For example with sunscreen, make sure that it is reef friendly.

Chemical sunscreens are supposed to be harmful and can also kill corals. The same goes for your other products, so make sure that you pack chemical-free and sustainable products that are biodegradable and healthy for your skin as well.

Overall, Kauai is a pleasant place to visit and January is not a bad month to enjoy the beaches. Make sure that you visit in the summertime when you get to explore more and get the best of beaches. 

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