In this fast-moving world of various trends and aesthetics that have been born on social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter, you are bound to run into new and diverse topics you aren’t familiar with.

Granola Girl is one such term that you might’ve not heard of before, or maybe you have if you’re a teenager who has access to social media.

In this article, we will discuss this particular aesthetic that has taken the media by storm, “The Granola Girl Aesthetic” also known as the “Earth Core” or, “Modern Day Hippies.”

What is a Granola Girl Aesthetic?

Now, upon first hearing this term you might assume this aesthetic has something to do with the food, “granola.”

Well, that is just partial to what this aesthetic represents. According to popular media, the granola girl aesthetic was coined for the down-to-earth, eco-conscious, environment activist girls who also love outdoor activities.

These outdoor activities might include; hiking, camping, and hammocking. Any activity under the sun and on the soft grass.

These girls also have their way of dressing, and separate music tastes which most of them love and bond over.

Granola girls love their indie music! They love to listen to artists like; Lumineers, Fleetwood Mac, Vance Joy, and Caamp. We for one think their choice of music is amazing!

These modern-day hippies love to rebel against the nine-to-five work routine, instead choosing to go out on road trips with their friends, on long hikes, and spending time in secluded peaceful cabins.

The term, “Granola Girl,” is derived from their love of camping. These girls are also known as, “counter-culture hippies” thus the name granola.

Another thing that Granola Girls love is coffee! They’re nuts for it and you’ll find them talking about it all the time.

The different types of caffeine they love to take include; iced coffee, kombucha, and yerba mate. This also accounts for their never-ending manic energy.

Granola girls are progressive liberals who celebrate their camp counselor aesthetic on their social media, while also encouraging recycling and composting.

These girls have also tried veganism! We love their activism and their positive outlook on life.

How Do You Dress Like a Granola Girl?

Granola girls love thrifting and buying pre-loved clothes! But their go-to clothing brands are famous ones like Patagonia, Birkenstocks, LL Bean, and Blundstones.

If you’re an aspiring Granola Girl, you’re going to have to start taking notes! To join the aesthetic, you’re going to need lots and lots of beaded jewelry.

Granola Girls love jewelry that gives them a rustic woodsy feel! Beaded bracelets with your or your best friend’s initials inscribed in them are extremely adorable!

Your color palette as a Granola Girl will be everything nature-related; green, deep brown, and rusty red.

With long oversized sweaters and comfortable fleece jackets, you’ll fit right into the aesthetic- quite comfortably so.

Granola Girls always sport the cutest beanies! These might be handmade or bought. Other than that, they love their scarves and hammocks.

As for the other accessories, you’re going to need bandanas, headbands, and fashionable trendy sunglasses.

Of course, you’re going to need the appropriate materials needed for any camping/hiking trip you take with your friends. These include hiking boots, tents, and sanitary materials, and you can’t forget your hydro flask!

Along with being a cute accessory, hydro flasks are an important part of the Granola Girl routine! You’ve got to stay hydrated

Other than that, if you’re adventurous enough, you can get tattoos, preferably in another language. Pinterest has hundreds of cute ideas for you!

Granola Girls also love wearing chacos as they are comfortable and easy to wear! If you’re a granola girl, your chacos are well worn out!

How Do People Become a Granola Girl?

To become a Granola Girl, you have to have interests that align with them. These girls like all things nature, indie and pop, and every outdoor exertion there is.

So if you are someone who does not like hiking, bugs, or cannot be a responsible plant parent (we’re kidding, we are sure you can do that), then you will not enjoy this aesthetic to the fullest.

There are a lot of other components to being a Granola Girl. We would love it if you joined their activism for protecting wildlife, trees, and the environment. These girls also raise awareness on mindful wastage dumping and recycling.

Moreover, Granola Girls love their wild, carefree expeditions. Someone who’s dedicated to following the rules will probably feel like a fish out of water if their Granola friend pulled them out of their job to take them on a long trip to their cabin in the woods.

These girls love wearing comfortable clothes; shorts, stylish bell-bottoms, crochet sweaters and beanies, and distressed T-shirts.

Granola Girls also love documenting their travels, you might find that most of them with the love for writing have their personal blogs, writing away with passion about their hike in the mountains or their expedition down the river while “Mumford and Sons” play in the background.

If you loved playing with loom bands as a kid, you’ll love this aesthetic as most granola girls sport lots of trendy and cute bands on their hands, mostly made up of beads or leather.

Isn’t it fun to customize your bracelet with your friends?

Another thing that Granola Girls love a lot is succulents. Their houses may as well be filled with tiny pots of succulents that they take care of religiously. According to some of the girl’s TikTok accounts, they love naming them too!

Moreover, as a Granola Girl, you’ll love visiting the farmer’s market every month, replenishing your pantry with the freshest organic produce.

Therefore, if you want to become a Granola Girl, these are some of the rules you must follow!

Final Verdict

In the end, we’d like to say that as fun as being part of a group like the Granola Girls sounds, it is important that we remember our individuality and identity while also following such trends.

The Granola Girls have a lot of positive aspects which we can incorporate into our lives.


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