Being fashion-savvy is tiring.

People who love to dress up, adorn fashionable apparel, and find the best combinations of fashion items need to have a lot of knowledge about the latest trends, but they lack time.

To coordinate different outfits, find the perfect fit, and come up with new combinations every day.

It is impossible to have a new, meticulous outfit ready in seconds between juggling studies, social life, mental health, and work.

If you face similar problems, you are not alone in struggling with these OOTD conundrums.

This article will discuss apps like DailyDressMe that help you put together an outfit every day to never miss out on being a fashion diva.

What is DailyDressMe?

DailyDressMe is an application that does exactly as its name suggests.

The website comes up with daily outfit inspirations according to the weather, your taste, and the extent of simplicity you want.

For fashion-lovers, DailyDressMe has transformed fashion choices and everyday dilemmas.

Now, you can use this application to get the best outfit ideas without spending hours standing in front of your wardrobe, thinking of what to wear, or getting late because of a wardrobe dilemma.

Five Websites Like DailyDressMe

While DailyDressMe is a unique website, it is not the only one doing this job.

Many other websites have been created to help people with their fashion choices.

Here are some of these websites:


If you are a fashion enthusiast, there is no way that you don’t know about this beautiful app.

Villoid is a shopping app that allows you to have extensive knowledge regarding the new, emerging brands and your usual go-to brands.

The application allows you to shop for these products and create inspiration boards through which the website understands your taste and recommends similar outfit pieces.

You can also see other inspiration boards and leave feedback, like them, and share them as you go.

Villoid is the Instagram of fashion. It allows you to tend to your creative aesthetic and use it to inspire others and get ideas for your own OOTDs.

The app is addictive, to say the least, because it fans your obsession with fashion in the most creative way possible.


While getting inspiration from other people and bots may be exciting, sometimes it’s not practical.

The extensive makeovers, combinations, and outfits may lack practicality due to a difference in wardrobe collection.

Sometimes executing the inspiration gained from these websites can take as long as coming up with the outfit yourself.

However, Stylebook makes it easy and practical for people. You upload your entire wardrobe on the website, which no doubt would be strenuous.

Then, you schedule all your outfits beforehand, so you don’t have to struggle with the choice every day.

Stylebook is an intuitive app that allows you to make an inventory of all the fashion items, including apparel, accessories, and add-ons, in one place.

You can save inspirations from Tumblr here, make lists for outfits, and check out style stats all in one go.


Are you too obsessed with the fashion world in Hollywood?

Do you keep an eye out for what your favorite celebrities are wearing and where they got it from?

Do you wish you could find these outfits too and rock them as your favorite stars do?

If yes, then Craves is the app for you. Craves is your go-to application to check on what all your favorite celebrities and A-listers are wearing.

It also allows you to search where you can find similar designs at different prices.

All you have to do is log in to Craves and follow the celebrities you want to see on your feed.

With Craves, styling like Hollywood divas has never been easier.


WEAR is based in Japan and serves as a significant inspiration for fashionistas.

Here you can search for inspiration and stylish outfits by typing in hashtags that resonate the most with your taste.

This application is made for people who love to see fashion competition between the most influential brands.

These brands include Vogue, The New York Times, and similar big names.


When faced with a fashion rut, log in to ClosetSpace to get out in the world and see a million fashion styles that you can adopt for the day.

Filter the outfits according to the temperature, occasion, and whether to get the perfectly assembled outfit.

ClosetSpace allows you to search for and save your favorite designs, never to have to face fashion dilemmas again in the future.

It is the perfect application to keep you from the pits of the fashion block.

There are a lot of apps that serve as alternatives to DailyDressMe.

These apps are exceedingly helpful in giving you inspiration regarding your OOTD.

Once you get these apps, you will never have to wear sweats to class again!


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