Lululemon, the relatively recent Canadian brand has made its way into the current lifestyle of people due to the increasing preference in people for athleisure.

Sports gear is increasingly being used as casual everyday wear. 

The brand provides clothes for men as well as women and their easy-going style and quality material have made the brand popular among the public and many of them are looking forward to buying their apparel.

However, problems arise when their leggings or shorts don’t fit you properly since athletic clothes worn in the wrong size not only get in the way of your workout but also look terrible. 

Since, it’s hard to find a tailor who will hem your leggings or athletic gear accurately, it’s best to look for alterations at the store you bought them. 

Does Lululemon Alter For Free?

That’s another Lululemon shopping secret for you. It makes alterations completely free without any need for tags or receipts.

This includes used leggings or jeans that may have holes or ripped seams that can also be amended by the team. 

Tips And Tricks 

The Lululemon team has some advice for customers who want to get their leggings hemmed.

  • Try on the leggings first and the staff member will mark your garment from where you want to get it hemmed 
  • It’s best to bring the shoes you plan on wearing with your garment so that the accurate length could be determined.
  • Make sure the apparel you want to get altered is clean and completely dry
  • Bring your receipt along with when it’s time to get your altered clothes back

Obstacles And Fallacies…

It could be that the team won’t be able to alter clothes with added embellishments such as cuffs or strings. 

You may also find out that the clothes you gave for alterations, don’t have a matching seam with the color of your fabric. The team will try to get close to it but they may not always have the matching thread for your clothing item.

If you do ever face such a situation, visit the store once again where they might be able to provide you with a solution.

When Can You Take It Back Home?

The clothes will be available to you in three days’ margin where you can get your clothes from the store that you dropped them off at.

You can also get them delivered to you if you don’t have any Lululemon stores nearby and find it difficult to visit them every now and then.

The shipping is obviously free of cost.

Can Lululemon Waist Be Altered?

Difference Between Altering And Hemming 

Altering and hemming are two different things. Hemming is meant to cut down the length of your garment by rolling up and sewing the ends. It comes mainly at the end of the tailoring process and doesn’t require much expertise.

Altering is a more complex process that is meant to achieve a proper fit.

This could be the fitting of the waist, legs of your trousers or sleeves or adjustments of your shoulders.

It’s a more time-consuming step and is mostly done after the garment has been sewn and requires more patience and skill.

If not done properly, it can ruin the fabric or design of your garment. 

Services At Lululemon 

While you can get your length hemmed at most Lululemon stores, alteration services to make the clothes fit properly may not always be available.

This is because the design of your garment may not allow it to be altered or make it difficult to alter without damaging the details and fabric, adding to an untidy and shabby appearance. 

Many of the garments may also require better fitting such as sports bras or leggings, so it’s best to try them on before purchasing them to prevent you from going through all the trouble. 

Not only that, it has many benefits for its customers where they continue to improve their service, and additional coupons and advantages make their way into the hearts of people.

Does every store offer hemming?

Many stores stopped altering clothes as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, and many haven’t renewed their policies since then.

Ask the store nearest to you if they do alterations before considering other options such as getting it hemmed by a tailor or hemming it yourself.

Does Lululemon Alter Skirts?

Alteration and hemming of skirts are much different than that of leggings or other trousers, and could also prove trickier. 

The flamboyant colors and cutting edge styles of Lululemon skirts make them a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe. However if chosen in the wrong size, they could prove a big disappointment.

Lululemon Skirts 

Lululemon has a wide variety of skirts and skirts to choose from high-rise skirts to mid-rise lengths.

They are available on their official website as well as on Amazon, at which the shipping charges are mostly free.

The length and size of the skirt also depend on what style the skirt is.

Some are meant to be short like this Breath Of Fire skirt, from their recent collection, or longer styles like breezy skirt lulu, which is of a looser fitting.

There are also longer skirt styles that keep you comfortable and look flattering for everyday city walks as well like this City skirt lulu

Rules To Remember 

The rules to hem skirts are pretty much the same as hemming leggings or any other trousers you buy from Lululemon. 

  1. Try it on and show it to the educator available at the store to help pin it to your desired length. 
  2. Leave it in the good hands of the store and let them work their magic.
  3. Be ready to take them away at perfectly hemmed length and rock them as part of gym attire or everyday apparel.


The try-on rule can’t be emphasized enough to buy a perfect Lululemon item and prevent further troubles.

It’s a good thing they offer hemming and return services or we would have all been goners.


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