Saint Laurent is famous for its shoe collection, but many people claim that they often run small. How true are these claims?

To figure this out, we questioned several women who love Saint Laurent shoes and own a few pairs.

One woman who recently got Saint Laurent Court Classic sneakers told us that her shoes are a perfect fit.

She feels extremely comfortable in them and has no trouble even when she wears them with socks.

Next, we asked a California resident about her shoe fitting experience with YSL’s flat sandals.

The gorgeous woman told us that her flats fit her perfectly, but she had a small piece of advice for women with wider feet.

Go up half a size if you have wide feet.” She told us. 

Then we questioned a woman who always buys her YSL shoes online.

She told us that she had bad experiences with other brands, but with YSL, it’s always a pleasant experience. She never got a YSL pair that ran small. 

Another woman told us that although YSL shoes fit perfectly, women with wider feet must buy half a size bigger when shopping for a pump.

So our final verdict is that YSL shoes do not run small, but if you have wide feet, choose the size wisely.

Do YSL Shoes Run Big?

From chic yet comfortable flats to seductive stilettos, the YSL shoe collection can make anyone drool. But does the famous brand make shoes that run too big?

The answer is, No. YSL is known for making shoes that fit you perfectly, and only on rare occasions would you find a pair too large.

Do Saint Laurent Shoes Run Small?

No, Saint Laurent shoes do not run small, but if you wish to buy pointy pumps, it is best to go up half a size. 

Are YSL Pumps True To Size?

YSL pumps are a work of art and a must-have for every woman. But one thing that stops many people from buying them online is the fear of them running too small or too big. 

Well, we can’t blame anyone for having these doubts. Online shopping is risky, especially when you are buying an expensive pair of pumps that might not even fit.  

Whether YSL pumps are true to size depends on the width of your feet.

Since most of these pumps are very narrow and pointy from the front, they often run small on women with wider feet, but if you have narrow feet, the YSL pumps will always be true to your size.

So if you have wider feet, we recommend buying YSL pumps half a size larger than your usual size.

How Do I Figure Out My YSL Size?

Not everyone has access to the YSL stores, but that doesn’t mean one doesn’t drool over its iconic shoe collection. 

Are you one of those girls who dream of having a few pairs of YSL shoes in the closet but avoid buying them because you don’t know your real size?  

Well, you don’t have to avoid your favorite YSL pumps or sandals anymore because we will guide you in finding your perfect shoe size at home. 

The process is pretty simple. All you need is a ruler, pen and a couple of sheets. 

Before you begin the measurement process, figure out if you will be wearing socks with the shoes you wish to buy. If yes, wear that pair of socks and then place either of your feet on the piece of paper. 

The next step is, tracing your foot while keeping it idle. Ask a friend or family member to trace the foot for better accuracy, but if that’s not possible, no worries. You can do it on your own too.

While drawing, keep the pen at a 90 degrees angle as that is important to get a perfect size. 

Once that is done, use your ruler to draw a straight line from your heel to the longest toe. Next, you measure the line to figure out your foot size.

Make sure you measure both feet following the same steps because sometimes people have unequal feet. Your left foot might be smaller than your right foot or vice versa. Always buy the shoes, keeping in mind the size of your bigger foot. 

To ensure you have measured your feet correctly, carry out the procedure once or twice.

Once you have your foot size, hit up the customer care size of YSL and ask them the insole length of the shoes you are interested in.

If your foot size is 28 centimeters, your insole size will be 29 centimeters.

That’s it, folks. So, what are you waiting for? Measure your feet and order the pair of YSL shoes you had been ogling over for weeks. 


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